Yahoo Web Hosting Review by Clickfire

We took a look at the Yahoo Web Hosting offer in detail, in particular, the Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Plan:
This Yahoo video review summarizes what we found.

Today we’re taking a look at Yahoo’s web hosting service, a service that really gears itself for small business operations on the web. Is Yahoo the right hosting service for you? That’s the mystery that we’re going to solve today. If you’re going to learn about a web hosting service, you gotta start with the price. Yahoo’s pricing structure requires a little special. Like most other hosting companies, the longer you sign up for, the less you pay each month. You’ll notice that Yahoo makes the price more appealing with the price that gets hiked after the first three months. For a signup of 12 months, it’s 7.46 per month then 9.95 after the first three months. For signup of three months, you’ll start at 8.96 per month and up at 11.95 afterwards. At one month, you’ll have a flat rate of 12.95. This is a little pricier than some of the other hosting companies we’ve come across, but not outrageous. Sometimes you’ll have to remember that you get what you pay for 🙂

What does voice get you? Unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Sweet! There’s a condition that says this space has to be used for your website so don’t try to use it as a file storage solution. Yahoo’s web hosting markets itself for people who are web hosting amateurs which means you’ll find a variety of templates and guides for setting up your site. Not bad but if you’re not a web rookie, you probably won’t need this hoopla.

What about customer service? We were impressed. We got to talk to human being very quickly and they were clear and helpful regarding the problem we had. Can’t say we were disappointed here. Overall we found Yahoo to be a strong web hosting company. If you sign up for it as a Web novice, you probably won’t find too much to make you think about switching to someone else. For more web hosting reviews check out

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  1. I have my Yahoo Small Business for 9 Years but now i"m going to Close it because it's not support other Languages anymore!!! Before it was working but now i don't know what did they do to it. The problem is with the Contact form i'm receiving my customers emails look like this (92632242859年龄。这个翻译&#25)
    I don't know why. people can't send an email with Arabic or Chinese Only English. it makes me MAD!

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