WPEngine Review: The Best Managed WordPress Hosting For Pros? #EspressoMonday Nr.9

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Do You Want A Fast WordPress Hosting? What is The Best WordPress Host For Professionals?

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Hi there! For this #EspressoMonday episode, we will go in-depth with a question focusing on web hosting. If you have been wondering about where to host your WordPress site and some of the most important factors regarding what a good web hosting site is, then this is for you. Let’s have another great day learning beyond just web design.

What are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in.

Web design and web hosting go hand in hand. You can’t design a website without a reliable and fast hosting service. It would be like building a house without a ground to build it upon, which is impossible. Like looking for land which will provide a solid foundation for your house, looking for a good web hosting service works similarly. Therefore, the web hosting provider you choose can either be a blessing or curse for you because it can either help you build a solid foundation or give you a headache for failing to deliver what it had promised. Thus, this question we’re going to tackle today is one of the dilemmas most web designer often encounter.

What WordPress Hosting Service Do We Recommend?

Read the original article here – www.1stwebdesigner.com/best-managed-wordpress-hosting


  1. Hi James if possible can you do a comparison of CloudWays Hosting and Pagely , choose the winner form the two possibly

  2. Hi, James, love your videos/podcasts! I was just wondering what you used for email hosting? Because of course wp engine doesn't offer any kind of mail hosting and most of my clients would like me to setup their webmail for them as well as web hosting.

  3. Can you work on the return on investment for managed hosting in terms of cost savings that entice prospects to consider

  4. Can I use it for Html site and/or bootstrap or just for wordpress? besides is there multiples domains? Thank you!

  5. Hi James .. one quick question 
    How many domain/website can i have it on one hosting 
    if i have one hosting how many domain can i upload to it  

    thanks a lot 

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