WordPress Hosting – What is it and is it worth it?

Picking a host for your website can be confusing. This video will help you understand the difference between shared hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

Get Affordable Shared Hosting: http://nonprofitally.com/hostgator

Not all hosting is the same, and in my opinion… some are a bit deceptive.


  1. Great insights and delivery! I like the plug in… wpfile manager.. as a work around when you don't have Cpanel. Just fyi!

  2. Excellent breakdown. Exactly what I needed to know, in particular, no c-panel with word press hosting…that's huge! "C-panel gives you ultimate control, don't give it up" That's gold, Jerry…GOLD!

  3. Steve, many thanks for this extremely helpful info. You have answered a ton of questions for me and saved me hours of frustration.

  4. Thank you so much for clearing it up! Succinct and cogent! I will definitely come back to your channel for more tutorials in the future! I've been trying to choose a host for my blog which is already on wordpress and it made me confused. Thanks again!

  5. Thank you such great explanation in simple words ! I have gone through so many videos and nobody is explaining drawbacks of wordpress hosting. Can you help me here, I already purchased godaddy wordpress hosting. Can I shift my plan to linux hosting so that I can use C panel. Thanks in advance ! hope you reply

  6. Affordable clarification. At one time I was at a crossroads, what type of hosting to choose. At first I leaned towards shared hosting, and after I came across a site https://inxy.hosting/ and decided on the choice. By the way, they have a CDN, maybe someone needs it, you never know

  7. Subscribed and thumbs up. Thank you so much. You set me ahead LIGHTYEARS. I was afraid to ask these questions in presages because they would try to upsell me.

    I had used web authoring apps like apple iWeb ever 10 years ago for a site. Now I need to enter the wordpress world.

    I have four domains…

    Three personal, with the possibility of making one an commerce one to sell photography.

    The fourth belong to a non profit which I will probably have it be on its own hosting b/c it will be billed separately.

    The three above are my personal websites. I didn't even know what "Share hosting" meant! what I learned was:

    I guess I should stay away from the "for WordPress" tiered plans…

    I should not compromise on a Cpanel

    What hosting company allows me to maintain three domains on a single hosting account. I was looking at siteground.com, namehero.com, greengeeks.com, and bluehost.com. Thanks!

  8. Loved your knowledge, your way of explaining and honest review. Thank you for helping me in chosing the right hosing for my site.

  9. Thank you for explaining the difference between hosting types! I got stuck when my shared hosting wasn’t enough for my WP website anymore. I upgraded and switched to inxy.hosting, and things got better. So far their service works great for my content-rich site, their speed and uptime are good.

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