Why you need a web hosting

Why do I need a web hosting is the question that I have encountered many times. When I am working with new clients, they sometimes ask me that I have a domain name, why do I need to invest more in hosting. After this question recently, I thought that it would be great to create a video reference for this answer. If you are a web developer, refer this video to you clients

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  1. hey there I've built three websites since the beginning of 2018 and I keep getting better due to all the tutorials and tips and trick videos im able to find online but when it comes to hosting things are a little Bit cloudy on wich is the best I personally use https://www.bluehost.com/track/sembouw/ but if somebody else has recommendations be sure to let me know !

  2. Without a good hosting, your project can fall at any time. And worst of all, even the worst providers put high prices. We must look for that the price and quality match. I think there are some good options on https://inxy.hosting/. Providers are well-known and prices are normal. And there is no problem with support, which is also important for any project.

  3. Sir, If I only purchase a domain name from godady & don't purchase web hosting , then can I upload my contents in that domain name ?

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