Upload a complete website with Database on Internet || 000webhost [Hindi/Urdu]

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In this video I am uploading my local website which is in xampp server with my database which is also in local server to 000webhost server.

Steps of uploading website with database is

Part 1

1. goto in your local databse like phpmyadmin panel
2. Click on your respective database
3. Click on Export then click on go button( It will generate .sql file )
4. Goto your hosting site like 000webhost.com
5. Than create a database than import than choose file which we have generated in step 3

Part 2
1. Goto in your htdocs folder (C:\xampp\htdocs)
2. Select your respective website folder and then create zip file of that folder
3. Goto your hosting site
4. Than file manager
5. files now than click on files
6. After ing extract your file
7. Move your file in public_html index.php file of this folder will be your default page

These are the steps of ing website with database.
After ing your file and database, you may get some errors
how to overcome with all the errors watch this video till the very end..

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  1. sir ,
    when i clicked on 'add to cart' button on my page then it gave me following error:
    " Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /storage/ssd1/596/9866596/public_html/addtocartbutt.php:21) in /storage/ssd1/596/9866596/public_html/addtocartbutt.php on line 41"
    how to correct this error
    please, reply as soon as possible

  2. Failed to connect to MySQL: ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user 'root'@'2a02:4780:bad:f00d::7' (using password: NO)….sir Muje Ye eeorr aa raha hai>>??????/HOw solve>>?

  3. hello sir, very helpful video and I learn from your video, I have subscribed your channel for more updates, I wish you could you please guide how to buy the domain for the website and how to host it. Thank you

  4. i have uploaded my web site its perfectly visible at user end but from 000web hosting it doesn't show me my uploaded file .. ! what is the problem please tell me the solution.

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