What is Web Hosting? | How to make a website live? (Theory) | Tutorial – 18

In this video tutorial we will learn about Web hosting and how we can make our website live.
We will understand what is a web hosting service provider.
We will also learn the 2 important things we need to host a website on a live server.
They are –
1. Web Hosting Space(Server Space/Storage)
2. Domain Name.
We will also understand what a server is and the different types of web hosting for eg –
Shared web hosting
Virtual Private Servers – VPS hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Lastly we will take a look at the different options we have for web hosting and domain names.

For more info and Project code Download check here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/151xlY6dD84l7kcj8KPOP4hpIID2YtvbF/view?usp=sharing

Full Web-Development Series Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekxo4e7V7HM&list=PLIY8eNdw5tW85F-TuX65zYinmTnPUGzXw

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Siteground Review And Tutorial (2019) | Is Siteground Best Web Hosting?

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Siteground Review And Tutorial (2019)| Is Siteground Best Web Hosting?

Hi guys! I know that you’ve been always wondering about best hosting for your website, with a reasonable price tag, incredible stability and support. Not a while ago such a choice was tough for me too, but I think that I’ve finally found my top hosting company. Therefore, I’d like to tell you about the unique features of Siteground and provide you with review and tutorial.

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GoDaddy WordPress Install – Tutorial Guide (2019)

GoDaddy WordPress Install – Tutorial Guide (2019)
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With the advent of digital media and the internet; buyers around the world have shifted online. In this scenario, business professionals also need to make a move to the world controlled by cloud systems.

The idea is to get in touch with the audience up to any far end of the world. When you create a website online and store your essential data on the cloud; people can access it with ease from anywhere. This is the best trick for business professionals to lead impression of their brand online.

If you are new to the business sector, you might be worried about how to create a website. Note that, your website works like a storefront online. So, if you want to keep your customers happy, this platform must be easier to navigate for buyers around the world.

Experts advice working with GoDaddy and WordPress to get started with easy development and efficient design.

GoDaddy WordPress Install Tutorial

You will be happy to hear that GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world. And at the same time, they provide excellent hosting services to the millions of business owners around the world. You can purchase GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting and website builder package to create your own website. It is possible to install WordPress with few clicks, and soon you can get started with the designing process using its simple drag and drop tools.

This GoDaddy WordPress install tutorial will help you to set a platform for your website development in a few minutes. Beginners can follow these simple steps to bring their business online:

Step 1: Buy your website domain:

In order to bring your business online, first of all, you need to buy a domain. Prefer to pick a name that is relevant to your brand and niche. GoDaddy can help you to find your desired domain name with ease and at an affordable price. Once you are ready with your domain, you can start with the next step.

Step 2: Get hosting service:

Check the most suitable hosting package at GoDaddy platform, and soon you can place an order for the same. There is a wide range of options; depending upon your needs, you can choose dedicated hosting, shared hosting or VPS hosting as well. Most of the new age business owners these days prefer to go ahead with GoDaddy managed WordPress as it ensures easy access to the website builder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoDaddy Users are free to choose whether they want to work on a Linux based platform or need Window based services. All hosting plans from GoDaddy are available with both these options.

Step 3: Install WordPress:

Once you get your domain name and hosting service package; it is time to log in to your website with provided user name and password. In order to start developing your website, you need to install WordPress on your platform. The process is quite easier because GoDaddy provides one-click installation service for WordPress. Anyone can hit the button after making login to the website platform and gain instant access to the drag and drop tools ahead. You will be happy to hear that the WordPress platform is loaded with a huge library of themes and templates. You can choose any of these to give your website a special touch that fits perfectly with your brand. Note that, WordPress platform also have numbers of plugins that you can use to make your website more interactive and user-friendly. In case if you are not happy with the free collection, it is possible to buy plugins and themes by paying a reasonable amount.

Step 4: Design your website:

Once your WordPress installation is complete, you can start the website development process on the backend. You have to add all essential website pages that can bring the desired information to the audience. Home page and contact us page is always essential, and they help buyers to connect to your brand. Other than this, you can add services, products, blog and gallery page to serve your buyers. If you own e-commerce business, it is important to make your product page more appealing so that people can find their desired products with ease. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/godaddy – In order to promote your brand online, it is also important to add relevant and keywords-oriented content to your blog page.

Once you are ready with your website content and have uploaded all desired elements to this platform; it is time to make your website live. Note that GoDaddy stores all your website content on safe cloud servers that are spread in the different corners of the world. Moreover, these professionals ensure 99.9% uptime to your website so you can expect great exposure for your audience.

Even if you own a small business, your website can help you serve millions of buyers from any far end of the world.

GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder Tutorial | Martha Krejci

THE LINK (can’t be found anywhere else): http://x.co/gdwpmk

In this video, you will learn how to set up your own GoDaddy GoCentral website in less than an hour with absolutely no previous technical knowledge.

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Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step-By-Step (2019)

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step-By-Step (2019)
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If you are curious to start your self-hosted website or blog online, WordPress can help you better in this regard. But beginners may often find it difficult to deal with the design process. Don’t worry! This Bluehost WordPress tutorial is designed to serve you with all the essential details to create your personal website.

In order to host a website or blog online, it is important to find some space on the cloud to store your content. A web hosting company can help you better in this regard. Professionals advise getting started with Bluehost that is one of the most popular web hosting company. These service providers can handle all your needs with ease while ensuring amazing performance for your website online.
Follow this simple step by step guide to creating your personal online platform with Bluehost WordPress:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Bluehost:

The very first step that users need to follow is visiting the home page of Bluehost hosting service providers. Here you will find some of the best packages for hosting services and the great news is that you can also avail complementary site builder, domain name, and 24×7 hours customer support service as well. Users can choose any budget-friendly offer online and hit the get started now button on the website.

Step 2: Choose a package for hosting service:

After following the first step, you will be directed to the package selection page where you can find details about available plans along with their price. There are three common options; you can get started with the basic, plus and prime plan as per your need and budget. You can make online payment for the desired package.

Step 3: Select the domain name:

As soon as you choose the hosting package, it is time to look for a suitable domain name. Bluehost plans include free domain name service; you can pick your desired name and hit next. Note that, it is important to select domain name very carefully as it represents your business online. Make sure that this name is easy to remember and has a close connection with your brand.

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step-By-Step (2019)

Step 4: Access your account:
Once you make payment for the package online, you will soon receive username and password related details via email. These details are essential to log in to the system so that you can get started with the website development. As soon as you enter these details, the screen will ask to choose the desired theme for your blog or website.

Step 5: Go to your WordPress dashboard:

Once you choose the desired theme, it is time to start building your blog or website using the WordPress platform. You can choose desired plugins, templates, and other custom settings to give a unique appearance to your website. It demands huge efforts for adding various essential pages to the website and then you have to add valuable content to all those pages. In order to ensure a higher ranking for your website or blog online; it is always important to use SEO friendly content on all pages. It must be stuffed with the right set of keywords and all details must be relevant to the interest of your audience.

Hope, this Bluehost review helped to you improve your knowledge base for website development as a beginner. As soon as your website is ready, it is time to make it available online. Once you launch your website, it can be accessed by people from any corner of the world. But new websites do not find it easier to avail desired traffic online. If you want to succeed with your efforts, it is good to promote your platform on the internet. Digital marketing strategies can help you to succeed.

Most of the professionals recommend Bluehost website hosting service due to its amazing service. These service providers are providing reliable and satisfactory services to clients around the world since 1996. Some of the best advantages of using Bluehost WordPress platform for website design are listed below:

Bluehost offers budget-friendly hosting plans that even beginners can purchase with ease.

You will not face any hidden charges; all the services are reliable and flexible.

They offer a free domain name for one year.

Bluehost is rated high for its awesome website speed.

They offer reliable and trustworthy customer support service; clients can contact these trained professionals 24×7 through email, online chat support and calls as well.

With all such amazing features listed in the Bluehost tutorial above, we can say that this platform can help you bring your website online while ensuring awesome performance. It is the right time to choose your hosting package and get started with WordPress website design services to bring your business online.

How to install WordPress Manually in Web Hosting Using cPanel | Web Host BD | Bangla Tutorial

How to install WordPress Manually in Web Hosting Using cPanel – Bangla Tutorial:

If you want to use your cPanel properly, you should know How to install WordPress Manually on Web Hosting. In this video, I am going to show you How to Install WordPress in cPanel Manually Step by Step in bangla language. That is essential to learn How to install WordPress Manually on Web Hosting. Through this video, you can learn the perfect and effective way to install WordPress Manually on Web Hosting Using cPanel.

So, here I have described an easy and effective way to install WordPress Manually on Web Hosting, which makes your cPanel using more easily.

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Firebase Hosting Tutorial #3 – Deploying a Static Website

Learn how to deploy your websites to Firebase! In this Firebase hosting tutorial I’ll show you how to deploy and host a static website (HTML & CSS) on Firebase.


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Firebase – https://firebase.google.com/

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Cloudways Review 2 Years Later & Cloudways Setup Tutorial – WordPress Cloud Hosting Provider

After personally using Cloudways for 2 years, here what my experiences have been, the service and support. Also learn how to setup Cloudways for yourself.

Do you want a fast WordPress hosting company that is also affordable?

More info: https://www.wpcrafter.com/cloudways
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AWS S3 Tutorial: Static Website with S3 Hosting

Create Serverless Websites using AWS S3

You can host your static website using only AWS S3 storage for hosting without the need of any server-side technologies, this considered one of the easiest way for web hosting, Amazon can provide a lot of web hosting services and this can be used from beginners to pro.

Simple Steps

Create S3 Bucket.
Select the bucket
Select properties tab
select ‘static website hosting’.
Choose ‘use this bucket to host a website’
Index document ‘this is the folder and file name or the default page ex.: index.html..etc’
Error document ‘specify the error page to show whenever a file not found or any other error’
Redirection rules ‘you can setup custom rules to redirect specific pages’
Upload your files

Upload your files by dragging and dropping your files, make sure files are in the index document location you specified earlier.
Make sure the Index permission is set to ‘read’ by everyone “check below figure”
S3 Static Website – Permissions

What is AWS S3

Create your first S3 Bucket

What is AWS EFS

Create EFS and Mount it on Linux

Weebly Tutorial 2017 – How to Create a Free Website (Step-By-Step Guide)

One of the best free website builder platforms is Weebly. This free web hosting website allows you to make your own website fast and easy.

This video is useful for anyone looking to start their own free website with an easy to edit web hosting interface. Weebly, among other free website platforms such as Wix and WordPress, allow us to create websites absolutely free of charge and host the website (for free also), on their respective domains (under our own subdomain). If you want, you can pay extra to have your own personalized domain while still retaining all of the easy website building tools that weebly and other platforms offer, but for the purposes of this tutorial I’m just going to show you some simple interface changes on the free subdomain that Weebly gives me.

This website that I demo in the video is for lead generation (paintless dent repair in a specific city), but you can totally take this platform and use it for any purpose under the sun. It’s great for business and ecommerce (although, if you are looking for the best ecommerce platform, then that would be Shopify in my opinion), as well as personal websites such as portfolios or blogs. Really, you have so many options on what you can edit and change that it really behooves you to just get started with the platform today and at least experiment with some neat editable options!

Hosting Website on 000webhost (for FREE) & making it Live | Tutorial – 19

In this tutorial we will make our portfolio website live by hosting it on 000webhost.com. 000webhost is a web hosting company which provides hosting space and domain name services. It also provided paid services but in our case we will be going with the free solution for starters since we are beginners.
The process of web hosting with 000webhost is very easy –
1. Visithttps://www.000webhost.com/
2. Sign up for a free account (you can sing up with social media too)
3. Once you verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent onto your registered email your account will be ready to use.
4. You will be provided with a dashboard to create a new website(basically a server space will be allocated)
5. Enter the name and password of your website and click create.
6. Once everything is good, your web hosting space will be created and you will be given a sub domain name to access your website.
7. You then have option to create a website with a web buider tool, a wordpress website or you can upload your webpages from your local machine to the server using the FTP service.
8. We will be using the FTP way that is accessed by clicking the file manager option.
9. Once you select the file manager you can access the files in the public_html folder which is basically your live web server space.
10. Here we will upload the files of our website.
11. While uploading you can individually upload each and every file or create a zip file of your entire project code and upload that and then unzip it on the server. Thats a better option.
12. Once that is once, you simply visit the subdomain link provided to you by 000webhost and your website will be visible.

For more info and Project code Download check here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/151xlY6dD84l7kcj8KPOP4hpIID2YtvbF/view?usp=sharing

Full Web-Development Series Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekxo4e7V7HM&list=PLIY8eNdw5tW85F-TuX65zYinmTnPUGzXw

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