Installing WordPress on Hostgator 2017 (First month for 1 penny!)

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator step by step!
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In this tutorial video I am going to cover the following:
Visiting HostGator
Choosing our Hosting Plan
Registering our Domain Name
Entering our General Info
Getting our first months hosting for ONLY 1 PENNY
Paying for our Hosting & Domain Name
Logging into HostGator (CPanel)
Installing WordPress
Logging into WordPress
Changing our WordPress Password
Who I am and where to find more WordPress Tutorials!

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What Web Hosting You Should Use For 2017

Today we talk about what web hosting you should use to get blazing fast load times on your WP sites.

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Web Design: How to become a web designer in 2017.

Web Design: How to become a web designer in 2017

In this video, I talk about the skills you need to master as a web designer in order to succeed in 2017. These skills include UX design, Graphic Design, and SEO.


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How To Create a Website And WordPress Install (Tutorial 2017)

How To Create a Website And Work From Home As An Influencer/Entrepreneur 2016


Host Gator (Affiliate Link)

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Today I will show you how to start a website using wordpress. In this Step-by-Step tutorial we will cover, 1. How to register a domain name. 2. How to setup and choose the best web hosting company (Hostgator offers inexpensive web hosting packages, 3. How to perform a wordpress Install, and wordpress login.

1. Register a Domain
2.Register for Web Hosting
3.Wordpress Install