How to publish website on internet

This video shows how to publish visual studio web application to godaddy WebServer(Pleask Hosting used for windows application)
by using FTP account, create ftp user name and password and use at the time of connection creation from Visual Studio
few things you should have for that
Visual Studio 2015/2017
Valid Godaddy account with Pleask Hosting
valid Domain name to host site
vaild FTP account
Rest watch the complete video to learn how it’s work, in case you are facing any issue Connect on comment section below i will try to give my answer.

This tutorial crated on visual Studio 2015, 2017 version is coming soon. if you don’t know

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  2. Hi prakash,
    I just want know , I have build one website in which I fetch data from sql database . That database is present on my local system . How to map that database along with website on internet

  3. Do u have a example where IN we connect to sql and shows data on website how to live can u make a video on that

  4. in this video i saw You have created a folder of fonts in your project Want to know how you used the font in the project on the server
    मेने इस विडियो में देखा की आपने अपनी वेबसाइट में एक फोंट्स का फोल्डर बनाया हुआ है तो में ये जानना चाहता हु की आपने के फोल्डर में रखे हुए फोंट्स को अपने वेबसाइट के वेब पेज पर इस्तेमाल किया मेरी सहायता करे

  5. Thanks man, I was so curious how it is happening from technical point. Could you please make a comprehensive video how everything works. I mean, the recuest to the server, data processing and so on? That would be great. Thanks one more time:)

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