How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019

Learn how to make an online store quickly using GoCentral from GoDaddy. Start here ➜

Watch the steps to make your online store (number is the timestamp):

1) Get an account 0:42
2) Choose a name and category for your online store 0:58
3) Click to configure domain name and site settings 1:24
4) Add products to your online store 2:39
5) Turn on payment options 5:55
6) Configure shipping prices 6:43
7) Select a theme, preview, and publish 7:20
8) Additional features, including marketplace integration 9:47


Step 1: Get an account
Sign up for an account to set up your online store.

Step 2: Choose a name and category for your online store
Type in what you want to call your online store, and choose a category to set up basic features.

Step 3: Configure your domain name and site settings.
Configure your domain name (what someone types into their browser to find your site on the web), and connect your site to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc).

Step 4: Add products to your online store
For each product in the store, you’ll need a product name, price, image, inventory level, product description, sizing, colors, and other information to make sure customers can purchase the product from your store. You can also set up sale pricing, SKUs, shipping, and tax information.

Step 5: Turn on payment options
Connect your online store directly and securely to Square, Stripe, PayPal or other online or offline payment options.

Step 6: Configure shipping prices
Set up prices for shipping, including thresholds at which customers get free shipping, or set up flat rate shipping pricing.

Step 7: Select a theme, preview and publish
Choose your colors, fonts, and configure the look and feel for your online store from a curated set of options and images. You can always add your own and adjust the look and feel later if your needs change, including logos and the cover image.

Now, take a look at the online store, and make sure the images, products, and prices look the way you want them to when they are shown either on a computer or on a smartphone (since an increasing number of online shoppers are visiting sites from their mobile devices). Then, click the publish button and your online store will be live on the web. Nicely done! We’ll also check to make sure that customers can add products to their shopping cart.

Step 8: Additional features
It’s also possible to use your online store as the central location to list your products on major online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, and others. Accounts with these other online marketplaces are required in order to do this. So, for example, if you wanted to sell on Amazon, you’d need an Amazon seller account to connect it to your online store.

You can also enhance your store with email marketing capabilities, and even do things like create a brand Facebook page right from within the online store dashboard. Want to get this store listed on Google? You can do that from here, too.

From your dashboard, you can also track the traffic and performance of your store.


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Captions in English, German and Turkish:
GoDaddy 2019 ile Nasıl Online Mağaza Yapılır Hızlı ve Kolay
So erstellen Sie einen Online-Shop schnell und einfach mit GoDaddy 2019


  1. Not worth money spent on website builder. Not even basic features available. I think it's better to go with some other hosts which don't advertise like GoDaddy.

  2. Great tutorial! Can I have an active Website without business license? I’m thinking about starting an online store, but with few items and see how it goes. Please help me.

  3. Excellent Video and many thanks for this Value Added a video as it is very useful for multichannel sellers. You can sell on Amazon or eBay or any e-commerce website within less time by using best eCommerce selling website

  4. how do you make a starting price. For example im making custom controllers, and I want to know how to start the price at 65 dollers.

  5. You forgot to mention that you have to take your own photos for your products …since the stock photos are probably not your products that you are selling ….so hopefully you have decent photos….

  6. I released that i have just built a blog not a store. You guys make your services so hard to use. Its not straight forward and it make you click click and keep on taking you page after page with no direction. It should be just straight forward instead of having lot of meaningless explanations everywhere. All you see are explanation which doesn't help at the end of the day. I cant even buy a domain.

  7. How can we get paid? I know it’s already connected to PayPal but is that it and than you get the money or is there more steps?

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