How to Make a WordPress Website with Godaddy – NEW + UPDATED!

This is the latest and greatest updated video on how to make a wordpress website with godaddy – 2016.
Demo website:
Text tutorial:

If you like this free version (which we use in this tutorial), you might love the premium Sydney theme:
(you do not need to buy this but might want to for the additional functionality it offers)

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  1. Is there any reason my sliders disappear when I go from Home to Blog and then back to Home the sliders are gone? What have I done wrong?

  2. hello there!! thumbs up!!! i just wanted to ask u if i already have a website writting with html, css and java script and i want to update its template with can i do that??

  3. I'm almost done with my page following your instructions. But I need to change the order position of my services, where can I change that?

  4. Found the problem, well there were 2, 1) I did not try your suggestions below Re Sydney Toolbox 2) the Sydney Toolbox was missing, but it was very strange as I followed your steps to get the 10 done before ?
    Not to worry theses things are sent to try us, have given you a Thumbs Up

  5. Great video explanation, i create a website with this help but got a query how to show the bio/about the employee on clicking on the meet the team page for the emp. please share how can this be done.

  6. Hi, thanks for the easy to follow tutorial, however having used this for a website and added a Testimonial page with 10 Clients kind enough to thank me for the service I provided, when I go back in to add another Testimonial the link on the Left Hand side Testimonial is not there, I have searched all over, and as I do not wish to ruin the site by doing something silly, could you provide any pointers as to how I can resolve this, as its driving me nuts, Thanks in advance and thanks again for the help.

  7. Very in depth & clear explanation of how to create a high-level website to help everyone. Thank you for taking the time to provide this resource. Often tutorials are out-dated and not relevant. I am creating a website for the first time & it is an exciting journey. Keep up the work & thank you. I look forward to seeing more videos & reading.

  8. Awesome tutorial, I already have a page but I'm not satisfied with the fina result. After seeing some (a lot) of videos on how to make a wordpress website, I will go with yours. I love the way you teach, the pace and step by step instructions. One question? Should I delete all my actual themes and plugins before instaling the sydney theme you reccomend? Thanks for your answer, and you got another NYC Tech Club Fan

  9. Your tutorial is awesome but I could never get the Sydney theme to render in the browser. Can you suggest a way to troubleshoot this. I am using Godaddy instead of hostgator should that matter?

  10. Awesome awesome tutorial. Well paced and comprehensive. I now have a huge jump on created WordPress websites. Huge new fan of NYC TECH CLUB.

  11. This isn't working because it's saying that the theme is missing the style.css worksheet. I'm not that tech savvy and it's late so I will try to tackle this again later.

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