How To Make a WordPress Website – 2017

I will show how to build a beautiful and professional WordPress website step by step.

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  1. Great Video! The images do not show underneath the category and I followed every step. If you could help that'll be great and when I view the post the picture is there but when I refresh the site its not

  2. Hi Bernie got a question, on the MEET OUR TEAM, you know how when you scroll over the person say like John Smith, and a lite overlay of text shows up, is there away to have the option to press a video button to show a video of the John Smith instead of the text?

  3. I like this new video, but when I do the publishing, and go to the site, it keeps showing the word "edit" on each of the section pages we worked on. I do like your videos, but it seem you are missing steps or something. I still haven't got your other video to work right, still having issues with that.

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