Hostinger Review – Can Super Cheap Be SUPER Good? [2019 Review]

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This Hostinger review is all about determining if Hostinger is the right solution for you. I’ll be comparing Hostinger to such web hosting giants as GoDaddy, SiteGround and Bluehost. My Hostinger Review focuses on performing speed and uptime tests, comparing prices, interacting with Hostinger support and analyzing the features that Hostinger is offering. And overall convering topics that other Hostinger reviews do not.


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You might look at Hostinger as the cheap and slow option in the web hosting world. But that isn’t exactly the truth. While Hostinger does offer cheap web hosting plans are they worthless? Well this Hostinger Review is all about finding that out and putting their performance and speed to the test.

Hostinger seems to be determined to develop an affordable solution that doesn’t lack performance capabilities. But is this even possible in 2019? While They do their best to promote themselves as an affordable web hosting provider that will deliver “lightning fast” website hosting I didn’t take their word for it and I didn’t trust other Hostinger reviews. So, I performed my own tests.

It is worth noting that Hostinger has been in business for over 15 years now. But most likely, you’ve never heard of them before 2019. At the moment Hostinger is offering premium shared, cloud, and VPS hosting services. So, there’s something to choose for everyone.

At the moment Hostinger has 8 data centers and several hundred employees worldwide. That means they should guarantee high performing website hosting all around the world. Because companies like Bluehost only have data centers in the US. Meaning their hosting speed in Europe or Asia might suffer.

My Hostinger review analyzes their $0.80 web hosting plan. Because even as cheap as it currently is, you can still apply Hostinger coupons and discounts to lower the price even further. And this sparked my interest. If I could pay just $0.80 cents per month for high performing web hosting service from Hostinger why should I choose any other web hosting provider?

With the increase of cPanel pricing Hostinger became an even more attractive option. As my Hostinger review explains cPanel recently increased their license prices by quite a bit. But this does not affect Hostinger as they have developed a custom solution to control your web hosting services with Hostinger. They call it the hPanel.

Another notable feature that all best web hosting companies should offer is 24/7 support. And Hostinger is no exception. You’re able to contact support through the custom hPanel anytime. As my Hostinger Review also notes, the response times are quite fast.

So, is Hostinger the best web hosting solution for you? Or should you look for cheap web hosting elsewhere? And is Hostinger WordPress hosting worth the measly $0.80 you’re going to pay for it? Find out by watching the full Hostinger Review.

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  2. My problem is that the max_user_connections is only 15? I'm not sure if it can get higher. I still have to ask it anyways.

  3. I have been using hostinger for around three years and I have kept it although I would not use it for any serious site.
    It is good however it has poor performance in the long term and rips you off on SSL prices.

  4. They removed free webmail even though it still says it on the their home page. They try to get you with "free 6 months premium email". Very disappointed that they're not offering the webmail anymore.

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