HostGator vs Name Cheap Hosting – Who owns HostGator??

Sept 28, 2014

I discuss the latest issues with HostGator hosting and why I am switching to NameCheap hosting. The features and cpanel’s on both products are very similar and in fact, I prefer the Namecheap WordPress application.

Cost is nearly the same but NameCheap has had better uptime and my pages load significantly quicker on Namecheap.

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  1. You're audio is very low man. My speakers get pretty loud past 80 on the volume level. With this video it's rather faint at 84.

  2. Be careful about NameCheap. They may suspend and deactivate your account for no reason. And when you contact them, they ask for more sensitive personal information. That may basically be a fraud or scam because they charge you and make you think you get the domain name first, and then they suspend your account to force you to give them more sensitive personal information. If you don't do it, you can't use the domain name or get it back… Then they sell "your" domain name to other people! And what's worst is that they do not inform you when they suspend your account or resell your domain to other people. Google "NameCheap Reviews" and you will see lots of victims out there. If you want to purchase a domain name for business, or you just want a domain name from a reliable company, avoid NamCheap!

  3. I have bounced from Network Solution, GoDaddy, and Hostgator I'm so tired of the cross selling all the time. trying to get me to renew my domain seven months away from the expiration date. price are to high and they are to tricky with adding to your bill… Then I found Namecheap. They are not pretty co. they just do their best, and they do a great job. so give them a chance. they are good……………….

  4. Yeah man i know what you mean, I had hostgator before and the flood your email with spam and suddenly charge you extra fees, they suck hard. If you are a beginner like me stay with weebly or squarespace. TRUST ME YO.

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