GoDaddy Review – Why Does Everyone HATE on GoDaddy? [2019]

Is GoDaddy really as bad as everyone says they are? Plenty of bad GoDaddy reviews are out there but I wanted to put their performance to the test myself.
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You’ve probably heard of GoDaddy already. And you’ve probabbly heard how bad it is from other GoDaddy reviews.

But somehow GoDaddy still has the largest user base of any web hosting provider. Why is that? Why do people use GoDaddy if it’s as bad as others claim?

Well, my GoDaddy review aims to answer just that! I will be testing their performance, prices, features and comparing them to other web hosting providers like Bluehost or Siteground to determine how GoDaddy stacks up.

Right now, GoDaddy focuses on a wide range of services that include shared, WordPress, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting both for Linux and Windows as well as email, marketing, and web security services. GoDaddy also functions as a domain registrar and a website builder.

That’s quite a lot to handle. So how does it go for the hosting emperor?

I’ve used UptimeRobot to test the stability and uptime of GoDaddy. This test showed that GoDaddy is still king of high performance web hosting. Showing a 100% uptime in 1 week that I was monitoring it even with the cheapest hosting plan.

Their average response time of 365ms is also above average when compared to other big web hosting providers. So GoDaddy shows no issues with stability or uptime.

Next test was using GTMetrix. I was interest how fast my GoDaddy website can load with just a basic WordPress theme. And the load time was just 1.2 seconds.

1.2 seconds is definitely a great result. The goal of every website is to reach less than 1 second. But this also depends on how demanding it is in terms of front and backend.

Final performance test was done using BitCatcha. I was interested to see how well GoDaddy performs internationally. And no surprise again, there were absolutely no problems with international response times. GoDaddy scored an A+ in terms of international speed.

Next step in my GoDaddy review was to analyze their pricing model. Because this is what most people tend to say is a major downside when reviewing GoDaddy.

To my surprise GoDaddy offered equal or in some cases even lower prices than SiteGround or Bluehost. However, their upsell and marketing tactics were absurdly aggressive.

I managed to increase my shopping cart total from $12 to over $200 in just a few clicks. If you’re a web hosting beginner GoDaddy seems to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and offer you services that you don’t always need for a large amount of money.

Speaking of downsides GoDaddy also has a very shady refund policy. Nine times out of ten you won’t be able to get a refund from GoDaddy. This naturally will leave a lot of people angry.

And when there are angry people, they tend to leave an angry and bad GoDaddy review.

So during my GoDaddy review I managed to find out that they offer one of the best WordPress web hosting services for beginners due to the custom UI and setup wizard. Their performance was top-notch and the prices weren’t sky high.

While there are cheaper options available. GoDaddy isn’t something that’s out of reach for most consumers. Their major downsides are the lack of support options they offer, aggressive upsell tactics and a bad image they’ve created of themselves in the past.

GoDaddy is definitely a host you should consider in 2019. Moving into this review I didn’t expect to get results as good as I did. But I’m glad that I took the time to test everything properly.

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