GoDaddy Review 2019: AVOID Getting Tricked [Biggest Pros & Cons]

In this GoDaddy review I talk about the biggest advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy. Since it’s quite easy to spend way more than you intended watch this first.

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In this GoDaddy review I want to cover the top 5 things I think you should know before purchasing a plan with GoDaddy. I review their price, performance, support, special deals and promotions and over the strengths and weaknesses of GoDaddy.
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#1 Price

As my previous GoDaddy review showcased. It is really easy to fall for constant GoDaddy upsells and spend way more than intended. Turning your $12 dollar purchase into a $270 dollar purchase with just a couple of clicks.

But even without the additional features, base GoDaddy plans are quite expensive upfront. But equal out with other web hosting providers when it’s time to renew your plans. Without any discounts 1 year of hosting with GoDaddy would cost you $84. However, you can use the link below and get GoDaddy web hosting and domain name for just $12 a year.

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#2 Performance

So far, we know that GoDaddy plans are expensive, but are they any good in terms of performance? Well, just as expected GoDaddy performs reasonably well. Being one of the oldest web hosting providers available, they’ve certainly learned a thing or two.

I’ve tested the cheapest ( $12 ) GoDaddy plan and during my testing period my GoDaddy website was online 99.99% of the time. Experiencing just a couple of minutes of downtime.

I’ve also tested their loading speed and while not being the fastest web hosting available they were certainly okay. Especially, considering GoDaddy pricing. My GoDaddy website loaded in just 1.1s on average, which falls in line with other cheap web hosting providers.

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#3 Support
While GoDaddy pricing and performance are acceptable, their support feels a bit lackluster. GoDaddy primarily focuses on phone support. If you want help through emails or chat it will take you a while to reach someone who’s willing to help.

That being said GoDaddy doubles down on phone support BIG TIME. Having call centers in over 50 countries they guarantee that if you have a problem and call them, you will get help no matter big of an issue.

While GoDaddy support through phone might be appealing to some. I personally do not like interacting about my web hosting problems through the phone.

#4 Refund Policy
Moving on with this GoDaddy review I want to mention that GoDaddy doesn’t really have a refund policy. Their terms of service state that as soon as you start using your web hosting plans you are no longer eligible for a refund. And if you haven’t hosted a website with your GoDaddy plan you can get a refund within 30 days.

Basically what this means is that as soon as you host as website with GoDaddy your money is gone forever.

#5 Resource Rich Plans
To end this GoDaddy Review on a positive note. I want to mention that even if you decide to get the $1 per month GoDaddy plan. You will get all of the benefits and features of a premium plan. GoDaddy gives plenty of free additional features like a free domain name, free email hosting and 100GB of SSD storage.

# Conclusion
Honestly, I know I’ve said this a million times before, but for $12 this is insane value. You should get this plan just to have it as a backup. Because usually domain names alone will cost you more. And here you’re getting a full plan for the price of just a domain name.

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