GoDaddy Bookkeeping Review / Tutorial

Greg Lam from the Sleeter Group reviews GoDaddy Bookkeeping. In this review / tutorial, he’ll discuss whether or not GoDaddy Bookkeeping has the accounting basics down and how small businesses can best use it.


  1. I think the main reason people use this software is because it's friendly to certain types of ecommerce. For example, many many people who sell on Ebay use this software, and those same people seem to be the type that do their own taxes.

  2. I just open an account cause I am doing ebay. I have 45 days to check it out if I don't like it I can cancel and get money back. QUESTION PLEASE! My postage on pay pal is coming up as an income. I am figuring cause they charge me a fee for the postage like it is an income. That money is not an income it goes out for postage so I changed all mine to expense. Is that right still trying to get the lay of the land with go daddy. Thank you

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