Go Daddy Website Builder Review – Is it any good?

Find our detailed Go Daddy WebsiteBuilder review here: http://www.websitetooltester.com/en/reviews/godaddy-website-builder-review/

Here you can check out Go Daddy:

This video review shows you the pros and cons of Go Daddy’s site builder package. See what it’s like to use it and how easy or difficult it is to create your own business website.


0:32 Dashboard
0:46 The website editor
1:05 Adding an image to the website
1:29 Adding a contact form
2:18 Changing the navigation
3:07 Layout & Design
3:30 Style options
3:50 Conclusion

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  1. is anyone familiar with blue host and how much would it cost for someone to design my site from them? Thanks

  2. though it is very good for beginners but is having lack of special symbols like alpha, beta and so on…. Also subscripts and superscript of letter is not available. In my field of engineering i continuously in need of these type of things….

  3. Like a lot of people I want the most for as little money out a month. I already have a free website with Yola but I would like this to be just my website. The basic package does not remove the footer for Yola so my question is who gives you the most for little outlay.

  4. Hi! Can I ask some questions? I just created my website here http://www.yun-zhiwei.com/
    I didnt finish yet, when I edit it I didnt see like double text something wired, but when I click preview, there has lots of stuff double together… and I have no idea how to delete them, do you know what can I solve this problem?
    Lots of thanks!

  5. I have yola, but thinking about leaving. While you can have more then 1 site, they don't support basics like "blogging"! Also, I feel their sites look dated and old.

  6. I was considering purchasing the website builder on GoDaddy, but when you look at the "hosting" option it says it has one click options for things like Joomla. Isnt that a website builder itself? Why wouldnt I just go with that option and skip the extra fee of the website builder?

  7. Very useful. I'm a newbie, just to let you know before I ask. I've been building a website on wix, is it possible to copy all my set up to godaddy builder ?

  8. Did it get better now? The instapage tool is horrible and i wanna try this one but so far, it gets the job done i think.

  9. I actually used the website.  I think it can be confusing but somehow it works and the guys who pick up the calls are pretty damn good.  Depend on who, they give good help.  Not so sure about email help.

  10. I've never built a website before, but I just started using this product. It's pretty straight forward and simple to use. I thought it would cost a lot more money and a lot more time, but it's pretty easy. I did have trouble getting my account to register properly before I could publish my website. It took almost 12 hours. I called their tech support about it, and they were really nice and helpful. While it's not perfect, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. 4/5 would recommend.

  11. I disagree with your evaluation on godaddy's website.  I have three of them.  They have been the easiest designing of any web site products.  Also I call them when I have a problem.  They answer the call and help with any little question I have, so your comment that they only have canned answers is totally incorrect.  You need to update this review.

  12. Thank you for your website reviews they are very helpful and seemly unbiased ,which is rare. Would you consider doing a video about building strictly a eCommerce website? No pros and cons between the top five website builders would be interesting. Some of the most important things to me is customer service with a live person (no 'live"chat), methods of payment thru shopping cart,SSL security,functionality,use of use, company location (no overseas must be in the USA) and of course price. For some cheap is all that matters but you get what you pay for. Also once a website is built who has ownership concerning the top five?

  13. GoDaddy's Website Builder SUCKS!!! I am on the phone with them twice a day having them fix my site because the website builder has so many glitches and only GoDaddy can fix certain things!!! Stay away from the Website Builder!!!

  14. Can you work on your website with just a message that says something like "updating in progress" without showing all your changes until you publish it?

    And is the 50 themes for the personal website probably good enough for a small business website?

  15. I know how to use dreamer weaver but my cousin has go daddy. All Im trying to do is make a link clickable and to line up the buttons in the design. are there any rulers. I am trying to edit something a friend did for her. I am now going to try to use the dashboard. I think muse and dreamweaver or writing your own code is easier

  16. Point less video ,most people will use wordpress any way, Go godady are web host not web site providers, waste of 4.47…….

  17. I had to take over a Go Daddy site for a group and it was a bear trying to edit it (version 6 as shown above), especially trying to add PayPal buttons.  The HTML wouldn't work depending on where it was located on the page and all I heard was delete it and do it over.

  18. I am very sorry that I did go with GoDaddy. I did pay for 10 years and after 3 months of not being able to use the 'website creator' as easily as I have done with Yahoo Site Builder, I asked for a refund and was told that besides charging me for the past 3 months, that I cannot get back my money. I could get a credit instead to buy more websites, domains, emails or the like,…. rather disappointing.
    I was told by Customer Service that they could not do any better.
    Victor 905 836 5928

  19. Does it actually matter where my hoster is located? Let's say I live in Germany and the majority of visitors might come from near by, should I better get a hoster within Europe in this case? Thanks very much.

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