Deploy Websites In Seconds With Netlify

In this video I will show you how to deploy a website or frontend application to Netlify which is a fantastic service for hosting with free SSL, server-side functions and even built in form functionality. This video is NOT sponsored by Netlify in any way

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  1. Just for anyone wondering, before they watch the video…Everything I am doing is free. They have a pro account but they offer a ton for free.

  2. I doesn't worked for me
    When I am opening the link provided by nerilfy ut is showing that you have followed wrong link……….
    Please help me..

  3. After setting up netlify and namecheap. Its working fine except when i put www. before my domain nsme. It gives that security error which showed u also on the video. How do i solve that?

  4. Hi Brad! I really love your content I learned so much from you the past year since I started. I just came across this video and I saw your screen which says " Good Morning, Brad" I was googling so hard to find this, with no success. How can I get this? TIA and keep up that great work!

  5. Quality stuff, thanks Brad. Heard of Netlify but didn't know what all the hype was about. Now I understand why, really awesome host provider. Great walk through, you're a legend.

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