cPanel beginner tutorial 1 – How to purchase hosting

For this video, we’ll be purchasing a hosting account and getting access to cPanel.

In this tutorial series we’ll be learning how use the everyday tasks a web developer or webmaster needs to know. These tasks include managing files, MySQL databases, email accounts and more.

This tutorial is for Linux hosting packages only.

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  1. Hello quentin,

    I am from India. I am working as a CAD in engineer in Insemi Technology, Bangalore.

    I have been watching your videos on youtube.

    They are helping me much at my job.

    I am working on to create a site using PERL cgi on cpanel.

    This site is regarding "Employee Management System", which generally used in offices.

    Is it possible to make these sites using PERL cgi and HTML.

    Please let me know.

    Waiting for your reply.

  2. I am a big fan of your tutorials, the tutorials are quite clear thanks for that.
    Even for a Dutch person it is very clear. Thanks again and keep on doing the good work

  3. Hi Quentin great vid, I was wondering if u could help. im looking to migrate my websites to Cpanel and then have a backup server incase pri server goes there a way to go about it

  4. Mr. Watt, you have a remarkable teaching style. A bit of accent but it's nothing for a mind hungry for knowledge

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