Connect A Custom Domain to Firebase Hosting

Connect your own domain name, or a subdomain, to a free Firebase-hosted https site. This is the last lesson from a 3-hour hands-on course. If you already have a site on Firebase, you may not need the other lessons. But if you want to look around, see


  1. I added the host record type TXT and everything ( I didnt put the host @ , instead I put the one that Firebase provided to me ) , and its been 24 hours and Firebase still wont let me set the custom domain

  2. Hey Alan ! I am bit confused with hosting . I have a front end webite build on Angular 6. Should I use Google Storage or Firebase Hosting. I read that FH is build on top of Google Storage. Also, Firebase is a Google product correct ? Also so you suggest App Engine to host Angular 6 front-end website ?

  3. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. Summary –
    1. Buy a domain (taking Google Domains for example)
    2. Host your app through firebase hosting > Add the custom domain > firebase will give you 2 ip addresses
    3. In Google Domains, go to Configure DNS > Custom resource records > enter the 2 ip addresses under name '@'
    4. Check dns propagation in; firebase should show status 'pending' for custom domain
    5. Note : if you try to access your custom domain, it'll open in Internet Explorer, but will give security error (Chrome will block)
    6. Wait until status changes to connected, then access you domain; ssl certificate should be given by then

  4. Thank you for the detailed instructions, Alan! This helped ease my mind that it would take a while for DNS changes to propogate and for my firebase site to update — that DNS checker was super helpful!

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