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There are three great ways to use a domain name. To find a domain name visit:

We’re gonna show you three ways that you can use your new domain name.

Did you go with the classic .com, or claim a sly new extension like .guru, either way, your domain name is a powerful little piece of text.

You’ve purchased the perfect domain name ready to put it to work for you. The first way you can use your domain name is to create an email account. Already have an email account?

Most people do. Chances are sometime in past you signed up for a free email account – it was enough for keeping in touch with friends and creating your online dating profile.

But now you’re a grown-up; and you do grown-up stuff, like running your small business. Isn’t time to up your email game? You can use your domain name for a custom email address.

Think about it; if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, which email address is going to get it noticed: the free one you’ve had since college, or the customized one that uses the name of your business.

Using your domain name for your email address not only looks more professional, it’s a great way to promote your business!

Customized email is great, but like most people, you probably got your domain name to create a website for it, which is the second thing you can do with your domain name.

Using your domain name for a website gives you a dedicated, branded space to introduce your business to anyone, anywhere, who can connect to the Internet.

Even better, your website will give your business almost boundless marketing reach. People from Arizona to Zimbabwe will be able to can find you online with just a click of the mouse.

But what happens if you’re so busy running your business that you just can’t find the time to build your website, or even find someone to do it for you.

You might consider forwarding your domain name to somewhere else on the Web, until you get site up and running. This is the third thing you can do with your domain name. Confused? Let me explain.

It’s not uncommon for small businesses just starting out to create a Facebook business page.

If you have a Facebook business page or another social media account on the Internet, you can use your domain name to forward visitors to that page, until your website is up and running.

With forwarding in place, anyone who navigates to your domain name in their browser, will be automatically forwarded to a web page you currently have – like a Facebook business page.

Clever, right?

And there you have it.

With all the power and potential your domain name has, why would you ever let it just sit there and collect dust.

Use it for your email address, a new website, or to forward visitors to an existing website, but put it to work for you now!

How to renew GoDaddy domain – godaddy.com

This tutorial explain in detail “How to renew GoDaddy Domain” name on godaddy.com. #GoDaddy will send you a renewal offer with 20% to 30% off that offer available for specific times. Take advantage of GoDaddy’s Expired Domains recovery process to #renew the domain. Thus, I am using this 30% off coupon for renewal of my domain with GoDaddy.

■□■ Renew GoDaddy Domain [ARTICLE] ■□■

GoDaddy is one of a most popular hosting provider in the world, GoDaddy offers many facilities to their customers. Once you become a customer of GoDaddy, you can enjoy the premium as well free facilities for your website. Once you register #domainname with GoDaddy, you will be authorized to delete domain name, you can transfer one domain register to another, you can enable security options, you can reset your hosting, you can do so many things with your domain name.

■□■ How to Renew Domain Name with GoDaddy? ■□■

To renew domain name with GoDaddy from your hosting account, first log into your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in, now you need to click on “Manage” Domain.

After clicking on “Manage” domain option you will get redirected to a page which contains all domain names available on your screen. Now you can find domain name you want to renew and just click on “Expiry Time”.

Once you click on “Expiry Time” option you will be redirected to renewal settings, Now select the period of time for the renewal process then click on next to chec kout your products from hosting account.

After that, you will be redirected to the shopping cart option, you have to follow the prompts to enter your payment information. Credit card or Debit card is GoDaddy’s preferred method of payment.

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Configure & Update DNS Settings in GoDaddy: WordPress for Beginners Tutorial

Here’s the way to change your DNS withing GoDaddy for your WordPress website or some other website that you have. You have your domain name and your website on a computer or a server at some different location.

You’ll learn to point that name and link it to the server. Then instead of typing a number, you can pop it in Google. I’ll show you the whole process of reaching your web host provider and some other steps you need to take.

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What Is Cloud Hosting? | GoDaddy

What is cloud hosting? This video answers that question and explains what part cloud servers play in delivering quick and innovative cloud hosting. Learn more at: https://www.godaddy.com/pro/cloud-servers?cvosrc=video.youtube_organic.us_how-to&cvo_creative=gNnqNh9dPjUisc=ythowto.

Are you wondering if your website should be hosted in the cloud? This video explains what cloud hosting is and how to determine if it’s the right solution for you.

When it comes to hosting, the term “cloud” can be confusing and misleading. There’s nothing airy or nebulous about it. Like all other types of hosting, cloud hosting relies on very real hardware – servers.

But unlike shared and dedicated hosting, where everything that’s needed to make your website or application function is housed on a single server or server stack, cloud hosting uses innovative technologies to spread the files, data, resources, bandwidth, and computing operations among multiple servers that are networked to act as one system.

This distributed solution eliminates any single point of failure, provides redundant data storage, and guarantees exclusive use of server resources, such as processing and memory.

Cloud hosting also provides great flexibility and scalability, making it easy to upgrade or downgrade your hosting environment and accommodate for periods of higher or lower traffic.

Another big bonus of cloud hosting is that you pay only for the resources you consume.

All of this makes cloud hosting a powerful solution for large, high-traffic internet sites and applications that require the highest level of performance.

You may have already guessed that managing a cloud hosting solution is not a simple process. It takes the skills of an experienced Linux server administrator or IT professional, so it’s not a good solution for most small businesses or do-it-yourselfers.

To recap, cloud hosting distributes the files, data, and resources of internet sites and applications among multiple connected servers that operate as a single system. It provides a very high level of flexibility, scalability and performance, but must be managed by an IT pro.

Before you opt for cloud hosting, be sure to weigh its pros and cons against your online needs, budget, and business goals.

What Are Premium Domains? | Godaddy

Ever wonder why some domain names cost so much more than others? The expensive ones are called premium domains, and there’s a reason behind their price tag. Learn more and buy your own premium domain name at https://www.godaddy.com/domains

Have you ever done a domain name search and seen one that costs way more than most?

Why so much? Because certain types of domain names are more likely to drive traffic to a website – they’re called Premium Domains.

Short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that end in a popular extension such as .com tend to be more valuable because many website owners want one – and there aren’t that many to be had.

Imagine you’re starting a new pet shop in Seattle. You’d want a relevant, easy to type domain name for your website that customers can find and remember, like SeattlePetShop.com.

If you searched for that domain name today on GoDaddy.com, you may find the asking price is $3000 because its current owner anticipates high demand.

If you want a domain name that may make it easier for customers to find your site and keep coming back, you may want to consider a Premium Domain. It could be a great way to keep your marketing spend to a minimum.

Website Backup Service | GoDaddy Gulf

You’ve got a great website, and you want to keep it that way. Find out how GoDaddy’s website backup service can keep your site safe from disaster. Learn more about Site Backup at https://ae.godaddy.com/web-security/website-backup

You’ve built the perfect website, painstakingly making sure the copy is great, the images look awesome and all the codes are in order. Yep: your site is just – perfect.

But we all know nothing stays perfect forever. All your hard work, all your precious files can get lost in a flash:
Malware creeps up on your site
Old files or links get misplaced or simply disappear
Or – your worst nightmare – the database becomes corrupt

Not to worry. We have exactly what you need to keep your website safe from disaster. It’s called Site Backup – and you can add it to any GoDaddy hosting account.

Site Backup is the perfect buddy to your GoDaddy hosting. Once added to your account, you’ll find your Backup Dashboard right in your hosting control panel so you can review and manage everything from one place.

Site Backup automatically backs up all your files, folders and entire database to a secure cloud every day.

If you’re a Pro at this, you can do a lot with your Site Backup – like view backup history, manage backed up files, download backup copies, and more. But if you just want to set it and forget it – you can do that too.

Restore is simple too. One-click restore replaces bad files or databases with backed up versions.

So what’s left for you to do? Nothing. Except maybe, sit back and admire the awesome site you’ve built and know that you’ve got backup.