Bluehost Review and WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial Step By Step [NEW]

In this Bluehost review, I will show you the most important features of their WordPress hosting plans and how to install WordPress on Bluehost, step by step. πŸ‘‰ Get WordPress hosting discount*:

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers recommended on, which is the official WordPress website.

34% of the web uses WordPress, and more than two million websites are using Bluehost.

Some of the best features of Bluehost when it comes to WordPress are the WordPress-centric dashboard, which walks you through an easy step by step process from start to finish along with the one-click installation tool.

The free domain name for one year is also a good reason for choosing Bluehost if you plan to start a new website.

You get very easy to use interface for creating and managing business email accounts too.

Also, you have FTP access, and the hosting service is easily scalable because it is backed by in house WordPress experts available 24/7.

Full WordPress website with Neve & Elementor:

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βš™ Elementor:…

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  1. I hope that I've covered the most important things about Bluehost.
    If you guys have questions or you want to learn specific things about WordPress and Bluehost, make sure you type your request in the comments section below.

  2. Let's admit it… there is nothing good about bluehost. The only reason everyone is promoting them is their high commission affiliate program.

  3. REALLLY? I got Neve Pro recently and ThemeIsle is promoting EIG companies which you should NEVER go with. Ohhh myyyy…hope my experience with ThemeIsle is not close to what you can experience with EIG companies like BluehostπŸ˜• Whaaaat a poor choice.

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