Best Hosting Review Godaddy Vs HostGator | To host or not to host?

Best hosting? 99% off: code: youtubebonus. Godaddy sucks…Best is Hostgator… Here’s why in my Hostgator ( ) vs Godaddy review on hosting quality, hosting reliability, hosting support, and hosting prices. Also included are reviews on bluehost, a review on justhost, and a review on lunar pages. Godaddy tutorial on hosting can be found on other videos. Here is why hostgator is my best choice for hosting.

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  2. Hey Justin, Thanks for the great vid! I'm thinking about starting my own blog and i want hostgator to host is. Anything I need to think of before i start?

  3. Hostgator sucks, their customer service is the worst I have dealt with. They will shut your site down if you do not verify via email your new domains. They take forever to set up your account and sub out to Launch Pad to register your domains. Their cpanel has a lot of pop up ads when you first sign up and lots of ads trying to up sale to you around the control panel. Their customer service though is really bad and they will not call you if anything goes wrong.

  4. one thing no one can deny > godaddy 84US per month hosting is a TRAP because they LURE you with cheap start up prices then trap you to pay big money to keep you web-site!!!

  5. My personal experience is with TNP HOST and they are just better and they have fair price . I am using TNP HOST for my 14 websites . 

  6. My problem with hostgator is that they asked me for a picture of my ID and Credit card.. it really bothered me that they didn´t tell me before (i waited for 10 days and my website wasn´t available) plus i didn´t want to give them that information to them. so i cancelled my account. i really want to build my own website but i don´t know what host to use

  7. I just bought the Ultimate pack from GoDaddy and it was only $7.49 a month with a year SSL.  This is unlimited everything, they have changed a lot from 2011 🙂  Take care and nice video

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