HostGator – Host In India Sale | Upto 55% Off Web Hosting Plan‎ | January HostGator Coupons 2020

HostGator – Host In India Sale | Upto 55% Off Web Hosting Plan‎ | January HostGator Coupons 2020

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How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019

Learn how to make an online store quickly using GoCentral from GoDaddy. Start here ➜

Watch the steps to make your online store (number is the timestamp):

1) Get an account 0:42
2) Choose a name and category for your online store 0:58
3) Click to configure domain name and site settings 1:24
4) Add products to your online store 2:39
5) Turn on payment options 5:55
6) Configure shipping prices 6:43
7) Select a theme, preview, and publish 7:20
8) Additional features, including marketplace integration 9:47


Step 1: Get an account
Sign up for an account to set up your online store.

Step 2: Choose a name and category for your online store
Type in what you want to call your online store, and choose a category to set up basic features.

Step 3: Configure your domain name and site settings.
Configure your domain name (what someone types into their browser to find your site on the web), and connect your site to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc).

Step 4: Add products to your online store
For each product in the store, you’ll need a product name, price, image, inventory level, product description, sizing, colors, and other information to make sure customers can purchase the product from your store. You can also set up sale pricing, SKUs, shipping, and tax information.

Step 5: Turn on payment options
Connect your online store directly and securely to Square, Stripe, PayPal or other online or offline payment options.

Step 6: Configure shipping prices
Set up prices for shipping, including thresholds at which customers get free shipping, or set up flat rate shipping pricing.

Step 7: Select a theme, preview and publish
Choose your colors, fonts, and configure the look and feel for your online store from a curated set of options and images. You can always add your own and adjust the look and feel later if your needs change, including logos and the cover image.

Now, take a look at the online store, and make sure the images, products, and prices look the way you want them to when they are shown either on a computer or on a smartphone (since an increasing number of online shoppers are visiting sites from their mobile devices). Then, click the publish button and your online store will be live on the web. Nicely done! We’ll also check to make sure that customers can add products to their shopping cart.

Step 8: Additional features
It’s also possible to use your online store as the central location to list your products on major online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, and others. Accounts with these other online marketplaces are required in order to do this. So, for example, if you wanted to sell on Amazon, you’d need an Amazon seller account to connect it to your online store.

You can also enhance your store with email marketing capabilities, and even do things like create a brand Facebook page right from within the online store dashboard. Want to get this store listed on Google? You can do that from here, too.

From your dashboard, you can also track the traffic and performance of your store.


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Captions in English, German and Turkish:
GoDaddy 2019 ile Nasıl Online Mağaza Yapılır Hızlı ve Kolay
So erstellen Sie einen Online-Shop schnell und einfach mit GoDaddy 2019

How To Host A Website With Bluehost | Bluehost Website Tutorial

How To Host A Website With Bluehost | Bluehost Website Tutorial
Link to Bluehost:
Disclosure: We receive a commission from Bluehost if you use our link, which adds ZERO cost to you and can only SAVE you money.

Hosting a website with Bluehost is now easier than ever. In this video, I go over step by step how to host a website with Bluehost. Whether you want to host and start your website with WordPress or another site builder this Bluehost website tutorial will be perfect for you. Towards the end of the video, I go over how to host a WordPress website with Bluehost. Bluehost now makes it possible to host and start your website on WordPress in a matter of a few clicks. By the end of this video, you will successfully know how to host a website with Bluehost and know how to create a website with Bluehost. This is a quick and easy Bluehost website tutorial no matter your skill level. Hosting and creating a website is now cheaper than ever too. For as low as $2.95 a month you can have your site hosted and set up on Bluehost web hosting plus you’ll receive a free domain name.

How To Host A Website With Bluehost | Bluehost Website Tutorial

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The Squarespace Killer? | GoDaddy Website Builder Review

I’ve been known to knock GoDaddy on this channel, but I decided to give the GoDaddy Website Builder a try. After trying it, here are my honest thoughts!

GoDaddy Website Builder:


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WordPress auf Mac oder Windows offline installieren 2017 / Hosting #09

WordPress auf dem Mac (geht auf Windows aber genauso) installieren kann ganz ganz easy sein! In diesem Video-Tutorial installieren wir WordPress auf dem Mac. Ganz einfach! Du wirst sehen, dass jeder folgen kann. So kann man auch seinen ersten Blog einrichten.

Dieses Tutorial kann man auch sehr gut machen, wenn man mehr Erfahrung mit der wp-config.php und der Verbindung zur Datenbank bekommen möchten.

00:00 Wie man WordPress komplett kostenlos ausprobieren kann!
00:01 Download von MAMP als lokale Umgebung für Mac oder für Windows!
00:45 Unterscheid zwischen kostenlos und PRO-Version vom MAMP
02:15 Trick um mit MAMP (kostenlos) auch verschiedene Websites zu hosten
03:40 Den Pfad im kostenlosen MAMP auf ein Verzeichnis zeigen in das wir später WordPress legen!
04:10 Open Startpage – Wie man z. B. auf die Datenbank zugreifen kann mit MAMP
04:30 Wie man Web Start mit dem kostenpflichtigen MAMP öffnet (braucht man aber NICHT für dieses Tutorial – hier ist alles kostenlos)
05:00 WordPress herunterladen unter oder http://wpde.ort
05:30 In den Downloads Ordner gehen und die heruntergeladene Datei entpacken
05:40 Datei umbenennen in “Maltes WordPress”
05:45 kurze Erklärung der WordPress Dateien
06:00 Erklärung in welchen Ordner die ganzen Dateien reinsollen
06:30 Server auf den Ordner zeigen im MAMP
06:35 Einstellungen speichern! Server neustarten (mit Passwort)
07:45 Erklärung der wp-config.php und der wp-config-sample.php Datei! – Die Verbindung zur WordPress Datenbank
08:45 Verbindung checken, ob der Server auf die richtigen Dateien zeigt
09:40 Warum ein individuelles Datenbankpräfix festlegen?
09:50 Installation von WordPress über den Browser anstoßen
10:00 Eine neue Datenbank anlegen für die WordPress Installation
10:10 Erklärung der Datenbank Benutzer (root:root bei MAMP)
10:30 Erklärung was eine Datenbank ist und Analogie zur Exel-Tabelle & Erklärung von SQL (Datenbank-Abfragesprache) – aber ganz abstrakt;)
11:40 Beendigung der WordPress Installation
12:50 Den Host erklären für Datenbanken (Datenbank-Host)
14:00 Website Titel Festlegen, Name des ersten Benutzers, Passwort des ersten Benutzers festlegen. Aber nicht Admin! + E-Mail Adresse festlegen für WordPress
14:50 Die Website NICHT für Suchmaschinen freigeben, außer die Seite ist fertig!
15:20 WordPress Anmelde URL – hier kann man sich anmelden
15:33 Das allererste was ich mache – Sicherstellen, dass die Seite wirklich für Suchmaschinen gesperrt ist
15:40 Die Website vor externen Zugriffen schützen mit dem Plugin “Password Protected”
16:30 Permalinks ändern
17:00 Noch ein Blick in die Datenbank, nach der Installation & Erklärung der Datenbank Tabellen für WordPress
17:20 Ein Blick auf die WP-Options Tabelle, und zeigen der siteurl und der homeurl (wichtig, wenn man WordPress umziehen möchte)
18:00 Exemplarisch zeigen, wie man auch direkt in der Datenbank Änderungen vornehmen kann!
19:00 Noch ein wiederholder Blick auf die wp-config.php!

Viel Erfolg mit dieser ganz einfachen WordPress Installation!
Wer noch mehr Installationsanleitungen braucht, sollte meinen Kanal abonnieren!

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Godaddy website builder first look review. Is this the right website builder for you?

See if the Godaddy Website builder is right for you with this 30 day free trial:

The Godaddy website builder is designed to help you quickly and easily build a website. Depending on the kind of website you want to build I think that this could be an excellent choice.

Let me know what you think of the Godaddy website builder in the comments below!

3 Ways to Use a Domain Name | GoDaddy

There are three great ways to use a domain name. To find a domain name visit:

We’re gonna show you three ways that you can use your new domain name.

Did you go with the classic .com, or claim a sly new extension like .guru, either way, your domain name is a powerful little piece of text.

You’ve purchased the perfect domain name ready to put it to work for you. The first way you can use your domain name is to create an email account. Already have an email account?

Most people do. Chances are sometime in past you signed up for a free email account – it was enough for keeping in touch with friends and creating your online dating profile.

But now you’re a grown-up; and you do grown-up stuff, like running your small business. Isn’t time to up your email game? You can use your domain name for a custom email address.

Think about it; if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, which email address is going to get it noticed: the free one you’ve had since college, or the customized one that uses the name of your business.

Using your domain name for your email address not only looks more professional, it’s a great way to promote your business!

Customized email is great, but like most people, you probably got your domain name to create a website for it, which is the second thing you can do with your domain name.

Using your domain name for a website gives you a dedicated, branded space to introduce your business to anyone, anywhere, who can connect to the Internet.

Even better, your website will give your business almost boundless marketing reach. People from Arizona to Zimbabwe will be able to can find you online with just a click of the mouse.

But what happens if you’re so busy running your business that you just can’t find the time to build your website, or even find someone to do it for you.

You might consider forwarding your domain name to somewhere else on the Web, until you get site up and running. This is the third thing you can do with your domain name. Confused? Let me explain.

It’s not uncommon for small businesses just starting out to create a Facebook business page.

If you have a Facebook business page or another social media account on the Internet, you can use your domain name to forward visitors to that page, until your website is up and running.

With forwarding in place, anyone who navigates to your domain name in their browser, will be automatically forwarded to a web page you currently have – like a Facebook business page.

Clever, right?

And there you have it.

With all the power and potential your domain name has, why would you ever let it just sit there and collect dust.

Use it for your email address, a new website, or to forward visitors to an existing website, but put it to work for you now!

WIX vs Godaddy Website Builder Which One is Better

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I run 7 companies : – Personal Blog. – Photography. – PPC. – Patent and Intellectual Property – Magic the Gathering. – Marketing. – Consulting.

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At BigGale, it’s our passion to provide our clients with as many options as possible. We offer a wide variety of professional media packages, as well as customization options for your website. Trust a team that can give you their all. Our services range from photography to videography or a combination of both. Take a look at our gallery to see which services would work best for you.

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Welcome to MTG Lion. I’m a Magic the Gathering store that discusses spoilers, speculation, news, finance, commander, modern, standard, legacy, eternal and more. I take pride in my magic the gathering finance decisions and presenting magic the gathering spoilers before anyone else. There are dozens of free giveaways. Share with friends and other planeswalkers. Love you all.

RunRex is a full service digital marketing agency with a team of experts readily available to help increase traffic and drive sales for your web-based operation. Consulting with local SMBs in development and traffic generation for their websites. Leveraging SEM, SEO, LSO, Social and Video tactics. Current clients include Software, Legal, Oil & Gas and Travel.


if u r not buyed domain.register with sub domain…..

watch next video for detailed explanation to pointing domain.. if any help leave comment…

you must see info below

HERE u can have own domain.if u do not have domain register on domain provider like godaddy.and also google host give domain..4 u on registration
0) first create account with u r own domain..
1)first check u r website present or not on freenom or u r own website.
2)then go to hostinget account details and copy nameservers and paste on registered domain. and then place on registered domain host.
3)it takes propagation 24 hours and then activated.
4)then install wordpress on auto installer .
5)enjoy wordpress with hosting…..

if u enjoyed this .and share it with u r friends

hlo friends now enjoy free domains…..

Web Hosting for WordPress: Best Managed WordPress Hosting (2020)

Choosing the best web hosting for WordPress may be challenging 😥 Managed WordPress hosting cost a few times more than shared hosting, however, they will help you save a lot of time and resources for managing most of the technical aspects of your website.

In this video, I will compare and analyze a few of the most famous managed WordPress hosting providers according to their pricing, features and website performances.

✅ You will learn the difference between shared hosting and managed hosting.
✅ I will walk you through the aspects that you need to consider when choosing your web host.
✅ You will learn the pros and cons of choosing each of the analyzed manage WordPress Hosting providers.
✅ You will finally decide for yourself whether or not managed WordPress hosting is something that you need.

00:50 What is Managed WordPress Hosting?
01:56 So Why Managed WordPress Hosting
06:30 Comparison of 4 different Managed WordPress Providers
07:15 Kinsta managed WordPress hosting review
10:10 WPEngine managed WordPress hosting review
12:40 FlyWheel managed WordPress hosting review
14:50 10Web managed WordPress hosting review
18:15 Kinsta Dashboard review
22:50 WPEngine Dashboard review
27:36 FlyWheel Dashboard review
31:00 10Web Dashboard review

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