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http://www.websitehostreport.com – In this review, we’re talking about A Small Orange, a fun little web hosting company with really nice customer service.

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  2. A Small Orange is full of CRAP. WORTHLESS.

    No Phone Support and Tech Support Guys are Slow.

    You host here and you are a Dumb Ass

  3. A Small Orange aren't A Small Orange anymore they've been bought out by EIG
    (Endurance International Group) who are setting a very bad trend within
    the world of hosting ! Personally I wouldn't recommend going with a host
    that is part of a global corporate host-eating-machine like EIG !!!
    That kind of business is BAD for EVERYONE !
    Just look who else they've aquired:
    SEO WebHosting,
    Justhost & thereby Hostclear,
    Apollo Hosting
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Says it all, really. They've
    "eaten up" at least 212 companies and at the very least as many as 30 of
    those are hosting companies and at least 90 are web/networking
    related.. Some peole might think that's a good thing, since with such a
    big company they ain't gonna go bust anytime soon are they (even though
    that never prevented the collapse of Barings, Enron, WorldCom Inc, Gen
    Motors, Lehman Brothers, American Airlines, MF Global, PG&E,
    Thornburg Mortgage, Chrysler, Conseco, CIT Group and Washington Mutual,
    all multi billion dollar companies with a combined worth of well over
    $1.5 trillion, yes that's trillion !) Pardon the pun, but I wouldn't
    bank on it. The point is, all this company does is just eat up other
    companies and so their goal is profiteering. The technical services
    they offer, the customer service and the usefulness to the wider
    internet community is either secondary or nil. Prime focus here is
    money by a huge percentage and so much so that they really do not care
    that much about the secondary areas, but it is those secondary areas
    that are so important, vital in fact, to their customers. Is it really
    such a good idea to have a single monstrous hosting company that will
    eventually completely wipe out all the competition or at best two or
    three super massive black holes that the internet fall into. If all
    hosting falls under a few large corporations then there's a way of
    controlling the internet and the internet is the the single best
    opportunity for the human race to remain free. Medicine and healthcare
    is almost totally in the hands of corporates, food manufacturing and
    distribution: the same, education is well and truly on its way to
    becoming a tool of propaganda and the mass media, well, that really has
    been wrapped up for decades. Oh ! Hostgator's rubbish so I switched to
    Bluehost, then Justhost and now I'm with A Small Orange, Whoopie !!! At
    least there's choice out there eh ? Well there is but it seems as soon
    as any hosting company gets to be decent they sell out. If everyone
    goes to a hosting conglomerate like the EIG group and conglomerate trend
    continues then eventually the only way everyone will be able to get a
    website online will be to go to a super-massive hosting company because
    the small hosting companies will not be able to compete. It will then
    be a simple move for governments to start dictating to these
    conglomerates what content is allowable and what isn't then the internet
    will be no longer be the "domain" (pardon the pun) of the free. The
    conglomerates will gladly comply because all they'll give a toss about
    is their profits, not their customers. So while the internet is still
    free, then I suggest we keep it that way by not helping these massive
    groups get bigger. I'm not saying this will definitely happen, but it
    has happened with almost every other industry. Do you really want to
    risk governments being able to dictate what content your site can carry ?

  4. These guys are useless now (few years back they were good, but totally useless now).
    Allow me to elaborate as a professional web developer: Downtime was close to +20%
    6 clients, 4 VPS, 1 shared host, 1 dedicated server all running simple WordPress and Joomla sites.
    From 2015 to 2016 I handled 86 tickets related to over 300 down time notices spread over 12 websites on those 6 accounts, more than 250 hours of collective downtime with replies from the "support" department taking as long as 7 to 10 days and the average reply being foolishness or useless reply's like "did you empty cache" (followed by another 2 hour to 2 day wait for a reply) .
    NO REAL phone support, NO REAL chat system, JUST AWFUL FOREIGN TICKETS.
    Every single client has of course moved to another host.
    20% of the time the sites were down, and at the WORST possible times, holidays, big sales events, peak noon hours.

  5. This is my value whit ¬†A Small Orange : = 0 …BIG ZERO…poor settings from the beginning,¬†and when I say from the beginning,¬†I mean after paying,¬†Problem 1) Orange says Congratulations, here you have the access data to your vps —¬†Well, no, not at all ..WHM / cPanel even exiten PROBLEM 2 )¬†After configuring WHM / cPanel, add NS1 / NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM more IPs¬†after 48 hours, it appears that the automatic¬†ips are wrong PROBLEM 3 ) Activate hotlink on cpanel, broke all images, PROBLEM 4 ) WHITE PAGE¬†to access some files…………

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