1&1 Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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As far as low cost web hosts go, 1&1 actually has a lot of helpful features that newcomers could use to get introduced to site building. 1&1 is definitely one of our favorite web hosts for its easy implementation of 3rd party apps and plug-ins, which first timers can launch painlessly. Still, we wanted to show you the good, the bad and the ugly of everything that 1&1 can offer customers like you.


  1. Don't you mean The Greed, the Bad and the Ugly?

    Here in the UK, they stole from my credit card and managed to LOSE not one, but
    two ecommerce sites – they failed (or didn't bother) to find the
    back-ups and they were lost forever.

    Email addresses were hacked and used by spammers and I was blamed for issues of security!!

    Note that I have had websites hosted by at least four other companies and no major problems.

    'Rip Off Report': http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/1and1

  2. Don't use 1&1 service. I have paid for kandycityhotel.com, tripadvisorsrilanka.com, dropinnkandy.com, glorialanka.com before 2 month ago. But they are block my account. I can't access 1&1 account. All domains are down now. I called to them so many times regarding this issue. They said call to security department. I have try so many times talk with security department. But no any one answer the phone. I send too much emails and tickets regarding this issue. No solutions yet for me. So Please don't use 1&1 terrible service. Thanks, Regards, Harsha Wijesinghe

  3. Yeah I agree with xbox live. Started with 1and1 about two weeks ago and my website is still pointing to their default page. I called a tech guy who was supposed to fix it and it never was fixed. Also, they are constantly trying to upsell you and good luck contacting customer service. I think I have had better luck calling the DMV office and talking to a live person than finding someone to help me through 1and1! I'm thinking of just ditching the hosting service and just keeping the domain name.

  4. BEWARE 1&1 ARE THIEVES! i and many others have been robbed by these people (check it up online and then you'll thank me) they are not a business but a company which steals it's user's financial information and charges horrendous amounts of money. .

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