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What is FTP? | GoDaddy

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a set of rules that govern how computers on the internet transfer files to and from one another. This video explains the role of FTP in website development and how you can use FTP software to upload and move files yourself. For more information visit

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn what FTP is?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. What’s a protocol?
A protocol is a set of rules used by computers that are connected, or networked together, which specify how the computers communicate or interact with one other.

There are a variety protocols that manage interactions at various levels in the networked computing environment we know as the Internet.

For example, some Internet protocols are used to govern how data is exchanged between two computers, or hardware devices, while other protocols dictate how data is exchanged at the application, or software level.

FTP is a protocol that computers on the internet use to transfer files to and from one another.

If you’re developing a website, FTP is a critical part of the process. FTP enables you upload your website files from your computer to a hosted web server, so that your site is can be viewed on the internet.

The best way to make use of FTP is through an FTP client. An FTP client is a software application that offers a simplified way to log into a server, navigate between folders, and move files to and from the server.

FTP clients also allow you upload multiple files at once, which can be helpful if you’re uploading a lot of files at once… say like a website.

There are many different stand-alone FTP clients in prices that range from free to more than a hundred dollars.

GoDaddy supports the free FTP client, Filezilla.

Is your GoDaddy hosting account set up? Are your website files ready to go? Consider downloading an FTP client first to make the upload process quicker and easier!

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How to Configure Web Mail to Gmail – Web Hosting Tutorial in Bangla

Facing problem in using webmail? Don’t worry you can use the Gmail interface to send and receive emails with the email account you have created with your domain.
You just need to setup your domain’s email address as a POP3 and SMTP account in your Gmail account. Gmail can be used as an email client. Today in this video we will learn How to connect webmail to your gmail account.

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2. How to manage webmail:

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How To Get Free Domain With 6 Months Hosting 2017

How To Get Free Domain With 6 Months Hosting 2017
Website :
FakeNameGenerator :

So guys here is a new video for a free domain with hosting. The domain is which is the Internet country code top-level domain for South Africa. If you don’t want to use the domain you can still use the hosting with your own domain. If you face any problem post it in comments.
Note :-
If you are unable to access your domain/hosting kindly wait for few hours till it is activated.

►How To Get Free Hosting For 3 Months

►How To Get Free VPS/RDP 2017

►How To Get Free Unlimited Hosting 2017

►How To Get Unlimited Free .Host Domains…

►How To Install Free SSL On Website/Blog…

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Simplify your Web Hosting with ResellerClub's Reseller Hosting | ResellerClub

Get Reseller Hosting from Resellerclub for your Professional Web Service Needs. Resellerclub’s reseller hosting provides you with easy setup, sturdy infrastructure, fantastic support and supercharged billing solutions. Check out Amazing Web Hosting services and offers with 24/7 Support and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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ResellerClub ( was founded with the objective of offering domain names and hosting products to Web Designers, Developers, and Web Hosts. ResellerClub offers Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Email, Backup, Security and more with multi-brand options in many of these categories to empower choice. ResellerClub also offers a comprehensive solution to register and manage 500+ gTLDs, ccTLDs and new domains.

Best Unlimited WordPress hosting for Beginner website : Bluehost Step By Step

Learn the best-unlimited WordPress hosting for beginner website Bluehost complete review why I am using this and what are the hosting plans of the Bluehost.
How much monthly and yearly subscription plan of the Bluehost and how to open hosting account with Bluehost in the step by step guide.
Bluehost review for beginner and compare with other hosting plans like siteground, Hostgator, etc.

Bluehost Purchase Link

Bluehost Review Step By Step Guide

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A2 Hosting Coupon Code
Hello, Everyone. Today’s coupon code provides a 20% discount on any new A2 Hosting web hosting plan. Use promo code NCMONLINE in your cart when placing your order. This promotion does not apply to existing accounts, renewals, domain name registrations, or add-on services. Note that discounted hosting plans renew at the regular rate. While promotion does not expire, it is subject to change by A2 Hosting at any time, without prior notice. Shop today to take advantage of this special offer. And remember to visit NCM Online for data-driven web hosting reviews, coupon codes, and more.
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GoDaddy Hosting Review – Upselled into Oblivion?

In this GoDaddy review, I discuss if its worth using or not. Find out now!

►Web host tier list:
►Privacy Review/tier list website with all ratings:

🕵🏽 Best VPN Provider : TorGuard VPN
📡 Best Web host Provider: Dreamhost
👨🏼‍💻Best Private Browser: Brave Browser
☁️Best Encrypted Cloud Storage : Sync
⛓ Best Antivirus Program: MalwareBytes
🔒 Best Password Manager: LastPass
📧 Best Encrypted Email Provider: PrivateMail
💬 Best Encrypted Messenger: Signal

Disclaimer: This video and all my videos are solely my opinion, to provide educational content and to entertain my audience, and thus are protected by the first amendment in the USA, as well as the Consumer Review Fairness Act which protects my right to write reviews.

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN. This means I do make money when you click on the links provided, but keep my own opinion to be legit and truthful without bias. I do not host sponsored content on this channel, which means I am not paid to promote VPNs in a positive manner. All of my opinions on this channel are strictly my own!

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How to buy a domain name | Connect domain name to web hosting | How to install wordpress in cpanel

How to buy a domain name | Connect domain name to web hosting | How to install wordpress in cpanel in Hindi. Please don’t forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe to our Techno Vedant Channel for more videos.

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Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020 | Best Hosting plan Compared | Godaddy India Vs Hosginger India

in this video I have compared four major Hosting Providers, let’s find out which one is the best.

Hostinger -
Godaddy –
hostgator –
bluehost –

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

in this video you will find
1. best hosting for wordpress.
2. best cloud hosting plan
3. vs vs vs
4. value for money hosting
5. most affordable hosting plan 2020
6. Cheapest hosting for wordpress in India

hostinger cpanel,
hostinger coupon code

Hostinger india Review, Hostgator india review, Bluehost India Review, Godaddy India Review