Cloudways Review 2 Years Later & Cloudways Setup Tutorial – WordPress Cloud Hosting Provider

After personally using Cloudways for 2 years, here what my experiences have been, the service and support. Also learn how to setup Cloudways for yourself.

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AWS S3 Tutorial: Static Website with S3 Hosting

Create Serverless Websites using AWS S3

You can host your static website using only AWS S3 storage for hosting without the need of any server-side technologies, this considered one of the easiest way for web hosting, Amazon can provide a lot of web hosting services and this can be used from beginners to pro.

Simple Steps

Create S3 Bucket.
Select the bucket
Select properties tab
select ‘static website hosting’.
Choose ‘use this bucket to host a website’
Index document ‘this is the folder and file name or the default page ex.: index.html..etc’
Error document ‘specify the error page to show whenever a file not found or any other error’
Redirection rules ‘you can setup custom rules to redirect specific pages’
Upload your files

Upload your files by dragging and dropping your files, make sure files are in the index document location you specified earlier.
Make sure the Index permission is set to ‘read’ by everyone “check below figure”
S3 Static Website – Permissions

What is AWS S3

Create your first S3 Bucket

What is AWS EFS

Create EFS and Mount it on Linux

Weebly Tutorial 2017 – How to Create a Free Website (Step-By-Step Guide)

One of the best free website builder platforms is Weebly. This free web hosting website allows you to make your own website fast and easy.

This video is useful for anyone looking to start their own free website with an easy to edit web hosting interface. Weebly, among other free website platforms such as Wix and WordPress, allow us to create websites absolutely free of charge and host the website (for free also), on their respective domains (under our own subdomain). If you want, you can pay extra to have your own personalized domain while still retaining all of the easy website building tools that weebly and other platforms offer, but for the purposes of this tutorial I’m just going to show you some simple interface changes on the free subdomain that Weebly gives me.

This website that I demo in the video is for lead generation (paintless dent repair in a specific city), but you can totally take this platform and use it for any purpose under the sun. It’s great for business and ecommerce (although, if you are looking for the best ecommerce platform, then that would be Shopify in my opinion), as well as personal websites such as portfolios or blogs. Really, you have so many options on what you can edit and change that it really behooves you to just get started with the platform today and at least experiment with some neat editable options!

Hosting Website on 000webhost (for FREE) & making it Live | Tutorial – 19

In this tutorial we will make our portfolio website live by hosting it on 000webhost is a web hosting company which provides hosting space and domain name services. It also provided paid services but in our case we will be going with the free solution for starters since we are beginners.
The process of web hosting with 000webhost is very easy –
1. Visit
2. Sign up for a free account (you can sing up with social media too)
3. Once you verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent onto your registered email your account will be ready to use.
4. You will be provided with a dashboard to create a new website(basically a server space will be allocated)
5. Enter the name and password of your website and click create.
6. Once everything is good, your web hosting space will be created and you will be given a sub domain name to access your website.
7. You then have option to create a website with a web buider tool, a wordpress website or you can upload your webpages from your local machine to the server using the FTP service.
8. We will be using the FTP way that is accessed by clicking the file manager option.
9. Once you select the file manager you can access the files in the public_html folder which is basically your live web server space.
10. Here we will upload the files of our website.
11. While uploading you can individually upload each and every file or create a zip file of your entire project code and upload that and then unzip it on the server. Thats a better option.
12. Once that is once, you simply visit the subdomain link provided to you by 000webhost and your website will be visible.

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The Beginner Tutorial – CentOS Linux Web Hosting with DigitalOcean Cloud Platform

1. Secure connection to the remote server [0:49]
2. Prepare server for hosting [5:39]
3. Install Nginx, Configure DNS & FirewallD [13:57]
4. Set up https with Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate [19:52]
5. Set up an FTP server for remote file upload [26:50]
6. Configure secure FTP server (SFTP) [33:50]

Before setting a Linux server, RSA key needs to be generated to secure connection from my local machine to the remote server. On Windows, PuttyGen is handy for this task. I am generating a new RSA key by continually moving my mouse until it’s complete. This RSA key is 2048 bits.

This key is required to secure connections. I manually save the generated key into an RSA key file. It seems to work better than the built-in save. After that, I add this key to DigitalOcean dashboard. Now, I can create a new droplet on the cloud platform. I choose CentOS Linux for this tutorial.

When the droplet is live, I can connect to the remote server. This tutorial uses Putty SSH client for demonstration. Now, CentOS server is running in its default configuration. There are a few things to do. First, I update this server and install some packages.

Next, I create a new user account. This user needs to be in the group “wheel” so that it has root access by using sudo or su command. Finally, root login is disabled from SSH clients. I am testing the login to see if permission is configured correctly.

To host a website, we need a web server running on this Linux instance. Even though there are more advanced ways to install and configure web servers, I am going to make this tutorial simple and easy to follow.

I am installing a prebuild nginx package from a stable version repository. The “nginx.repo” file needs to be created and supplied the correct settings.

The domain name needs to map to this server public IP address. In this video, I am showing how to manage DNS records with Namecheap and DigitalOcean dashboards.

In the Namecheap dashboard, I set up NS records to delegate DNS management to DigitalOcean dashboard. Then, I can create A record and CNAME record. A record is mapped to the public IPv4 address of the remote server on DigitalOcean cloud platform.

Note that updating DNS records can take up to 24 hours. In most cases, the changes take less than 1 hour. To see if everything is working well, I am testing the domain mapping with the browser. If the mapping is not yet updated, it displays an error message.

Now we have a working domain, but this website is not secure yet. I am going to show how to configure https with Letencrypt. On Letencrypt website, there are some instructions to integrate free SSL certificate into our Linux web hosting. There is a small tool called “certbot”, which can be used to automate SSL configuration from command line console.

I make manual adjustments to nginx config files. These changes not only help to redirect the website, but also make SSL work when you host multiple websites in a single server instance.

Until now, we have a working website with http2 protocol and SSL certificate on standard port 443. However, there is no secure FTP server for file transfer yet.

Let’s begin by installing an insecure FTP server. Then, we upgrade it to secure FTP server. Insecure FTP server runs on port 21, and the secure FTP server runs on port 22 by default.

After installing the vsftp package, there are some settings required to change manually. We need to configure firewall rules, directory permission and create a new FTP user account.

To see if the insecure FTP server works, I do quick testing with FileZilla FTP client. I also upload a file to the CentOS server. Let’s move on to SFTP configuration. I am going to use previous RSA key to set up. We need an FTP access group to authorize FTP users.

RSA key must be added to an authorized key file in “.ssh” directory of FTP user. The permission has to be set correctly to allow FTP clients to connect to this FTP server. On top of that, there are some settings to change in the sshd config file.

FTP clients need to supply the private key file when it connects to the FTP server. You should keep this key file in a safe location. Note that this key file is also needed to authorize other machines in the future.

I am testing SFTP with FileZilla and upload a file to see if my settings work correctly. Before finishing this video, I show you how to synchronize files between FTP folder and the website root directory.

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How to download website full backup from Hosting cPanel | Web Host BD | Bangla Tutorial

How to download website full backup from Hosting cPanel

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Video Tutorial Cara Beli Domain dan Hosting Terlengkap


Video Tutorial tentang Cara Menyewa Domain dan Hosting terlengkap. Video Tutorial ini dibuat oleh Pradytya Saputra, Admin dari
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