SiteGround Vs GoDaddy WordPress Hosting (In-Depth Comparison)

I compare SiteGround vs GoDaddy WordPress web hosting and cover the most important categories you should consider when making a decision.
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Can the smaller, lesser-known SiteGround compare with the brand name, resource empowered GoDaddy?

I try my best to do an apples-to-apples comparison in multiple categories based on the information I can find on both websites, as that is generally the only information most people have at hand when making a decision.

The first category is support. In my opinion, it is the most important thing to consider when choosing a hosting service. Some point during your time online, something will go wrong and when it does you want to have support reps that are available, responsive, and will resolve your issue in a timely manner. You’ll see how SiteGround compares to GoDaddy in the support area where we look at the different options for contacting support staff and their availability.

Then it’s on to speed. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so the longer you make your visitors wait for your page to load, the less likely they will have a good experience and want to return. The foundation of a fast website is the hardware capabilities of the server it’s being hosted on. What we’re looking for here is specifications and technology that tell us the servers are able to perform at fast speeds.

After that, you’ll see a comparison between the features that both hosting companies provide. I first go through the features that they both have in common, then cover what each has that the other doesn’t. This could be a game-changer if one company has something important to you that the other doesn’t.

I also like to take a look at what other people are saying about GoDaddy and SiteGround. It’s one thing to look at their websites and see what they say about themselves and another thing to hear what actual users of their services are saying. So I take a look at a couple of polls done by a WordPress Facebook group which compares a bunch of different web hosting companies. I’ll show you where each of these ranks in relation to each other and the other hosts in the poll.

And lastly, I cover pricing. Nobody likes to overpay for services, so I take a look at the prices of similar plans from each web hosting company to see which one give you the most bang for your buck when you include the same features. This overview also reveals a trick hosting companies will use to get you to pay more than what their competitors offer.

Siteground Review (2019) Pros and Cons of Siteground Web Hosting

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Siteground Review (2019) Pros and Cons of Siteground Web Hosting

Hey guys, welcome back to another video! In this one, I’m bringing you a review of Siteground to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should choose Siteground as your web hosting platform.

Is Siteground the best web hosting platform for 2019? Is it the right web host for you and your website? This review will help you decide!

If you’re looking for web hosting for a WordPress website, then Siteground could be perfect for you. I explain why in this honest review video and give you the pros and cons of Siteground web hosting.

If you have ANY questions or need help with anything, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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Our Experience: Web Hosting with Siteground vs Cloudways vs Flywheel

The last couple of months we went through web hosting hell. We thought we would share our experience of using Siteground, then using Cloudways and finally ending up in bliss with Flywheel.

We will show you the user areas for each hosting company. We will also share our experiences with each. Especially Cloudways and the huge contrast to Flywheel that it is.

We feel that our experience is important enough to share, as web hosting is one of the more important aspects in web design. We fully get that now! We hope this video will help you make an informed decision.

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You need your website to be fast so visitors stay in it and do not leave because your web hosting company can not load it under 2 seconds and page speed is ranking factor for Google.

In this video review I am testing some of the best web hosting companies in year 2018. So you can make decision what is best for you. I hope that you will find the best web hosting company for your needs. 🙂

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Lets get started with Siteground web hosting review:
– they have the best customer support from all web hosting companies
– they are the cheapest way how to get started because of their 12 month plan price
-they are officially recommended by WordPress as one of the best web hosting companies

A2 web hosting:
– they have the fastest server response time
– they have professional support and this is something special – Anytime money back guaranty – It just shows companies attitude to their clients and confidence in their service quality. It means if you ever need to close your website or choose other web housting company you get back money for months you did not use their services.

Green geeks web hosting:
-they have the fastest page load time
– they are the cheapest option for hosting multiple websites
– they have professional support
– they have the best uptime from web hosting companies what I recommend

SiteGround Hosting Review – Is it the best hosting in 2019?


In this video, I’m giving my SiteGround Hosting Review and we’ll compare SiteGround to other top hosting providers on the internet today to see how they stack up against the competition. 🔥SAVE 66% on SiteGround Hosting ➡️

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Siteground Hosting Review 2018: Watch this First Before Joining Siteground!!

Siteground WordPress Review 2018 – Best Web Hosting for WordPress or Not? Read this!

In this Siteground Hosting Review 2018, I review all of Siteground hosting plans Startup, Growbig,and Gogeek.

Siteground has very fast and reliable servers that keep your website up and performing.

If you are looking specifically for Siteground WordPress Hosting, then they have really nice service and uptime also.

Visit SiteGround official site here:

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siteground hosting review
siteground hosting plans

Complete Siteground Review & WordPress Tutorial – Best Web Host for 2018?

Get Siteground:
A honest review of Siteground web hosting where I compare them to some of the big names (HostGator and Bluehost).

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Blog Tutorial:

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Bluehost vs HostGator vs. SiteGround – Best Host for WordPress/ Woocommerce

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Setting up your WordPress website? You might encounter Blue Host, Host Gator, and Site Grounds when purchasing your domain name because they are three big domain providers for WordPress.

In this video, I’ll be comparing all three so you’ll get to see the pros and cons of each. And hopefully help you decide which one you’ll choose by the end of the video!

Blue Host vs. Host Gator

Both of these websites are owned by the same company. Their goal is to make the prices cheaper. These two are very similar but Blue Host is what WordPress recommends.

Blue Host vs. Site Ground

-Both Approved by WordPress and Wocommerce
-Ease of Use – This is highly debatable but I do lean towards Blue Host
-Speed and Up Time – Site Ground is better at having your website up and the loading speed is much faster too
-Security – They both have great security but Site Ground wins this one because they do provide free SSL certificates even with their cheapest plans
-Price – Site Ground is a little cheaper than Blue Host so it wins for the price, too
-Wordpress and WooCommerce – It’s a tie for this since they both run wordpress and woocommerce well

Whichever service you choose, put your website out there, buy your domain name, and get hosting today. It’s one of the best choices I have ever made! :

WINNER – Site Ground
Blue Host
Host Gator


Tools I recommend:
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Siteground Hosting Review & Tutorial 2017: Cheap WordPress Web Hosting Review

This Siteground review video will attempt to answer the question of, “is Siteground good?” from the perspective of a customer. Most web hosting review videos only give opinions… so I chose to take a more ANALYTICAL approach for you!

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Hosting Features –

Note that, I am affiliated with Siteground as well as the other software reviewed on EngineX and do receive compensation from sales made through any of my links. These funds help compensate for the time and money invested in bringing you these high quality review videos.

Thank you sooo much for your support 🙂

I. Host Background – 0:18 – 0:55
II. Load Speed Tests – 0:56 – 2:52
III. Customer Support Tests – 2:53 – 3:41
IV. Uptime Percentage – 3:42 – 4:45
V. Pricing – 4:46 – 7:23
VI. Freebies – 7:24 – 8:51
VII. Features & C Panel – 8:52 – 10:49
VIII. Knowledge Base – 10:50 – 11:58
IX. Outro – 11:59 – 12:35


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Pingdom –

What Is The Best Web Hosting Provider for 2017 (Siteground, Blue Host??)

Hi and Welcome to the first instalment of the ECom Reviews YouTube channel.

If you are a Blogger,Website Owner ,involved in online marketing ,or a beginner just starting out, ‘Siteground’ is by far the Most Succesful, Reliable & Most Affordable Hosting Provider out there!

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You can produce and Host Unlimited websites and blog sites, aswell as have 24/7 VIP technical support and the speed that it provides for your website is unreal!

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Siteground Hosting Review – My Choice for Web Hosting

In this video I show you why I personally use Siteground Website hosting for my WordPress blogs. Visit my Blog to see a detailed review and to download my Web Hosting Resource Guide.

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A2 Hosting vs Siteground Hosting — My Best Hosting Review

After trying out well over 100 hosting companies, want to know which one is my favorite?

A2 Hosting and Siteground are both excellent hosts. They are quite similar in the customer experience. There are a few differences, however…

Watch the video for more details.

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