How to host your website for free

Hosting a website used to be complicated, and at times expensive. Luckily, we have some solutions that are both easy to use and free now!

Github pages:

Both GitHub pages and Netlify give us free hosting solutions for static websites. By static, I mean using HTML, CSS, and JS, but no databases and all that fun stuff, so if you’re looking to host a WordPress site, this won’t work.

But just because it doesn’t work for WordPress doesn’t mean we’re super limited either! Both work with static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo and others, and Netlify even has a CMS that you can set up with your static site generator. I host my site with Netlify, and using Jekyll I have a blog (my articles) and it works great :).

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How To Host Your Own Website On Synology

In this video, How To Host Your Own Website On Synology, I show the steps needed to host your very own website on a Synology NAS.

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Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2019 (Where To Host Your Website in 2019!)

The Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2019 are covered in-depth in this video. We actually break our winners down into 3 different categories. The best WordPress web hosting company of 2019, the easiest to use web hosting company of 2019, and the best web hosting company for stand-alone custom-coded websites of 2019.

InMotion Hosting:
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About this video: This video is our complete overview of the top 5 best web hosting companies of 2019. We break this year’s list down into 3 different categories, and compare them all on price, uptime, support, and overall value. First we have the best WordPress web hosting of 2019 which is by far Bluehost.

We love Bluehost so much that we host our own WordPress website on them. The reason for this is they have incredible plans at an affordable price. Bluehost really is the best web hosting company that 2019 has to offer when it comes to WordPress. For just $73/year, you can get hosting, a free domain, and WordPress installed automatically on your site. On top of all of that, Bluehost is WordPress’s own recommended webhost. They are so good the platform recommends them!

Coming up next is the easiest to use web hosting company of 2019 – WIX. Yeah, you read that right. We are talking about WIX as a web hosting company, and the reason for that is because if you want a website that is super easy to use and setup, there is no better choice. Wix is by far the easiest to setup web host out there with their point and click website builder, you will have a website or blog up and running within minutes.

What if you are coding your own website though? Well, if that case, SiteGround is going to be the number one web hosting company for you. They are incredible when it comes to setting up and building out your own custom coded website with a super affordable starter plan coming in at under $50/year with 10,000 visits per month. Yeah, you read that right, you can start a website on a super tight budget with less than $50/year! That is why SiteGround is the best web hosting company for starting a stand-alone website.

Now, we have went through 3 on our list, and we only had 3 categories. This is a top 5 though, so coming in at number 4 is a backup to Bluehost. I understand that not everyone wants to use Bluehost, so coming in as a great WordPress hosting company is InMotion Hosting. InMotion has a free domain, free SSL, and much, much more with their starter package. There is one downside to this though, they limit you to 20,000 visitors per month on their cheapest plan.

Speaking of the cheapest plan, last up on our list is 1&1 IONOS formerly known as 1&1 Hosting. 1&1 is the cheapest web hosting company that I know of. For just $12 for your first year, you can get a domain name and web hosting. Yeah, you read that right. For just $12, you can get a domain name and web hosting. This also includes unlimited traffic, and it can even have WordPress installed on it. 1&1 is by far the best way to get started with your website on a super tight budget.

And there you have it! You should now know where to host your website in 2019. If you have any questions, please give this video a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a ton to me. Thank you very, very much in advance, and enjoy your newly found web host!

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What to Look For in a WordPress Web Host (2019)

With so many WordPress web hosts on the market today, how can you know which one is right for you? What do you need to consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting service? In the video, we’ll go over some great tips to help you narrow the field.

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Hostinger Review – How Good Can an .80 Cents a Month Web Host Really Be?

Let’s review Hostinger to see just how good a host that has an .80 cents a month plan can really be. What are the pros and cons and are they viable alternative to Blue Host? Short answer is Yes! Visit (coupon code webpro)

Hostinger is an excellent web host for the price and performance. They may not have the name brand recognition of Blue Host or SiteGround but considering that they provide a service that is pretty much on par with Blue Host and SiteGround (SiteGround is a bit faster and has better up-time slightly, but they should since they cost $20 a month) and have some excellent prices you really should take a second look at Hostinger.

In this detailed review I took a look at the following areas:

Hostinger Prices – 1:06
Hostinger Features – 9:00
Hostinger Speed – 15:50
Hostinger Support – 17:57

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► Hostinger can’t be beat on price and performance. They offer the same product as Blue Host (which costs $15 a month) but for much less. You can literally get a 4 year hosting account for .80 cents a month.

They also don’t have a low introductory rate but a very high renewal rate like SiteGround. If you want an quality affordable web host, Hostinger is it.

► So they are the perfect web host? No of course not. The biggest issue for me is that they don’t include the SSL installation. Most web hosts do this on your behalf. With Hostinger you need to pay for it or learn how to setup an SSL certificate yourself. It’s not too complicated, but an SSL is a non-negotiable for today’s internet.

They also charge for a professional email. For most this not a big deal. If you’re building a niche website that makes money from affiliate marketing and advertising it’s irrelevant

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How To Host WordPress Website On Google Cloud – Sinhala Tutorial

How to Setup Web Free Hosting in Sinhala. අවුරුද්දක්ම නොමිලේ Google ලගෙන් වෙබ් හොස්ටින් ගමුද? Google Cloud Sinhala Step by Step Sinhala WordPress Tutorial. Free WordPress Web Hosting on Cloud Web Hosting Sinhala

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Bluehost Review: Is Bluehost Really the Best Web Host for Beginners?

Get over a 60% discount on Bluehost!
In this Bluehost review we look at why I believe Bluehost is the best web host for beginners. We’ll also look at this industry as a whole and why it’s impossible to actually get an biased review or opinion on Bluehost, or ANY web host for that matter.
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Resources Mentioned:

10 Questions to Answer Before Choosing a Web host:

The differences between different types of web hosting:

Step by Step: How to Setup a Blog:



Table of Contents:

1:22 – Why Do People Hate on Bluehost So Much?
2:52 – The only reason I can think of to prove I’m just not a bandwagon Bluehost affiliate
3:19 – Why I Think Bluehost is the Best Hosting Service
7:59 – What questions do you have?
8:26 – What to Do Next?

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For the past 10 years at I’ve taught people just like you how to build a lifestyle business and become a digital nomad. There are a lot of ways we do this depending on your goals, skills and interests, but some of the most common businesses are built around freelance writing, niche sites, affiliate marketing and blogging.

Our primary goal is to help you get to the point where you’re making $3-5k a month as quickly as possible, because after that? You have options.

My name is Sean Ogle, and I’m the founder of Location Rebel. I’m a location independent entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon and I travel 3-4 months out of the year and take my business with me wherever I go. On this channel you’ll learn exactly how to build a similar business and do it from some pretty sweet destinations as well.

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{HINDI} how to create and configure amazon ec2 server || Host your Website on Amazon EC2  || AWS

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{HINDI} how to create and configure amazon ec2 server || Host your Website on Amazon EC2 || AWS, Create an EC2 Instance and Install a Web Server, part 2

Pointing Your Domain to Your Web Host

Sometimes you end up with a hosting account with one company and your domain with another. In cases like this, you need to point your domain to your host.

This is done by updating you domains nameserver.

This video shows you how this is done.

Need hosting: I recommend HostGator. They are really affordable and offer good quality. Check them out here:

How To Host a Website on a Raspberry Pi | Port Forwarding Tutorial

Ever Want To Setup Your Own Website / Web Server ? Here is the Best Way with which you can use your Raspberry Pi as a Webserver.

Commands :

1) sudo apt-get update

2) sudo apt-get install apache2 -y

3) sudo apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php -y

After this follow the steps in Video for Port Forwarding.

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