How to increase the “Maximum Upload file size IN GODADDY cpanel host,
At the time of uploading THEME on my WordPress site, the installation failed. It turned out that the THEME file was 16MB and the “Total File Upload Size Maximum” on my WordPress domain was only 2MB.

I realized 2MB was default setting that WordPress is set to so if you have WordPress installed on your domain and Have GODADDY as your host for that domain, this video is going to teach you exactly how to increase the total File Size upload maximum.

Normal method is as change php.ini file as you know

If you are using GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting the file must be name php.ini or.user.ini

After you have created a new php5.ini in to root of your site you need to enter :
file_uploads = On
post_max_size = 50M
upload_max_filesize = 50M



[Review] Godaddy review | best web hosting #2

Godaddy web hosting is the best web hosting in the world 2014-2015 ,
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GoDaddy Review – $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain! Stick it to the slow websites!

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Go Daddy is the giant of the web hosting service industry, many times larger than any other domain registrar. They service upwards of 45 million domain names and the number is on the rise. They definitely know what they are doing, and you can count on their service to be reliable and competent, earning our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. They have some of the best domain searching features available – if a domain you want to purchase is no longer available, Go Daddy can put it on back order. They also provide a massive domain auction where the shortest, spiciest domain names are up for grabs. Because they have grown so large, you can also expect Go Daddy to be somewhat more commercially minded and less personal.

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Hostgator Review 2017 – Is it Worth it?

Hostgator Review 2017 – is Hostgator worth it? Find out in this comprehensive hostgator reviews 2017 video.

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Hostgator was founded back in 2002 by Brent Oxley and grew from a company maintained by only one man, to a company with hundreds of employees, over the years. Sold to a company called EIG for approximately 220$ million in 2012, Hostgator is still the top choice for anyone looking for very cheap hosting in 2016.

Let us look at their special discounts first:

Hostgator has 4 types of discounts that it offers throughout the year:

– Promo codes, which give you a 20% price cut, available at websites, blogs and forums around the Internet.- A 0.01$ hosting offer, where you pay only 1 cent for hosting in the first month after signing up with them.- Flash sales, which you need to be very quick to catch and which are available only a couple of times a year. These sales offer up to 40% discount on hosting with Hostgator.- The exclusive partner code, which offers a 25% reduction in prices for all Hostgator hosting plans.

The different hosting plans:

The company offers different hosting services, ranging from shared hosting, cloud hosting, re seller hosting and dedicated hosting, but most users would probably be interested only in the high quality shared hosting service, which has three different plans, tailored to individual user needs.

The Hatchling plan is the most basic plan and most useful for someone creating their first website or looking to host only one domain. The Baby plan will allow you to host multiple domains as well, while the Business plan has multiple domain hosting, along with such extra features as dedicated SSL and IP address, which the previous two plans don`t offer. All of the plans naturally come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space, something that Hostgator is well known for.

The price breakdown would be: Hatchling at around 4$/month, Baby at 6.50$ and the professional Business plan at only 10.50$/month. These are basically some of the cheapest prices you can get for hosting anywhere online. Of course, if you choose a plan and are then looking to upgrade, the process is as simple as filling out an upgrade form, and Hostgator automatically upgrades to the plan of your choice, simple and fuss free.

Other major features of Hostgator:

The server performance of the company is one of the best available, and maybe the best available at this price range. The servers can go on for months without any downtime, which directly translates in no downtime whatsoever for clients.

A server speed rating of “B” internationally, makes Hostgator one of the fastest hosting options available, with very good ping response and speed.

A very happy user base is also proof to the high quality hosting clients get when choosing Hostgator as their hosting option. Statistically, very few people had any issues with the company, and complains were usually centered around Hostgator`s client support team, which can be a tad slow to respond at times.

All in all, Hostgator is one of the best, if not the best option for people just creating their first website and looking for a good host, but also for professionals who look for a hosting option that is both cheap and offers high performance both stability and speed-wise.

5/5 stars and you will be hard pressed to find a better host out there then Hostgator.


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Hostgator WordPress Hosting review
There are several options for WordPress blog hosting. However, Hostgator has earned a name for itself over the years. Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review has been one of the reliable and affordable options when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of bloggers worldwide. We present a complete review of Hostgator WordPress Hosting review in the following paragraphs.
Some Unique Features of Hostgator WordPress Hosting
Well, the service turns out to be one of the best with its varied list of features. They may not be the best from everyone’s point of view, yet it has something for everyone. Let us go through the salient features of the service here below.

Faster page loads – Page load speeds are important aspects of getting better website performance. It should be noted that slow page loading has been the main reason for the abandonment of pages. Hostgator ensure better page loads. It has a good number of worldwide servers and faster page load times.
Best migration performance – Setting up your WordPress blog is quite easy with Hostgator. The tutorials and support team on Hostgator ensures that it would be easy to migrate your websites. The One Click install option on the service will free you up from the issues one may face in manual installation.
Unlimited Bandwidth – Service offers you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited databases. You also have access to unlimited sub domains.
Intuitive cPanel – This is one of the best features that we love with Hostgator. The user-friendly cPanel and its open source nature makes it the best option. The practical cPanel is a big plus because of special features that it offers you. Most of us are quite familiar with the WordPress cPanel.
Quick App Installer – The service comes with a Quick App Installer. It offers you over 70 different applications to choose from. You can install additional applications with a few simple clicks.
Best support system – Hostgator boasts of an excellent after sales service. The servers are constantly managed and monitored. The service offers several modes of support channels like Email, Live Chat, and Phone.
Extra Features for Advanced users – If you are an advanced user, Hostgator can be an excellent choice for your requirements. You will get access to PHP, MySQL, SSH access and several other advanced programming and database management.
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