inMotion Hosting Review: Why you should consider them
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Our complete Inmotion Hosting Review:

Friendly Customer Service Support:

In my opinion, InMotion hosting has the most friendly, skilled, professional, responsive and well-trained customer support representatives I ever know. InMotion claimed that they are a people-oriented company which I think is true because the hosting experience of their employees is definitely good. They can give solution to all kind of technical issues. Nevertheless, they have proved that their goal to provide better solutions to customers was achieved. They are always available 24/7 to resolve your technical problems.

Guaranteed uptime speed

As I have the chance to run InMotion Hosting to my sites, I was amazed with their uptime performance. Based on my personal evaluation about their uptime, everything is fantastic. They are consistent with their claims of having a 99.9% uptime.

What you pay is what you get

InMotion Hosting has numerous inexpensive hosting plans, but as what they say what you for is what you get; their price is a little bit pricy compare to the other hosting companies. Prices range from $4.89 (business launch plan) up to $230 for dedicated hosting plan.

Disadvantages of InMotion Hosting

It is not a surprise that they are called the best web hosting company. But, I believe some of their hosting plans are expensive that small business owners can’t afford. Also, they do not have an unlimited domain since they only offer limited domain.

Conclusion for this InMotion Review:

InMotion may not be the perfect webhosting brand available in the market. But, I can assure you that the services and packages of InMotion Webhosting Company continue to improve. I can tell that they are one of the most reliable and fast web hosting providers.
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eHost – Web Hosting Review & Tutorial

Read a detailed review of eHost hosting here:
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eHost Review & Tutorial – Web Hosting
eHost web hosting is an easy-to-use platform that comes fully equipped with an extensive array of features. Offering a 45 day money back guarantee, customers can purchase the eHost web builder risk free ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Read more about features and pricing in the eHost review on

eHost Pricing –
36 Month Plan – $2.75 per month

Review eHost web hosting features

Extensive Features –
eHost offers more features in comparison to other web hosting solutions at a good price. Available features include free SEO tools, site analytics, free ad credits, unlimited domains, free email, a free online store, PayPal integration, blog setup, and Drag & Drop builder.

Easy to Use –
eHost web hosting stands out for it’s easy-to-use web builder. Even beginners will find it very intuitive. The platform comes with simple blog setup and a Drag & Drop builder. Their website also includes step by step tutorials, guidelines, and other information to help users.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee –
In addition to offering an affordable price, eHost also comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. This means customers can try out and review eHost features risk-free with a 45 day money back guarantee. In comparison, other web hosting services that have a money back guarantee only provide it within 30 days.

Top Web Hosting Reviews…Web Hosting Services You Can Count On Top web hosting reviews that reveal reliable and secure 24/7 support. Scalable, secure web hosting services that guarantee uptime. Includes basic hosting, ecommerce, reseller, and dedicated servers. You get to decide which web hosting service is right for you. Compare before you buy.

BlueHost and HostGator are both experienced, reputed, and excellent web hosting companies.

HostGator offers a comprehensive web hosting solution including shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server based on both Linux and Windows platform.

BlueHost only offers a single all-in-one Linux-based shared web hosting package name “professional” since 1996. You get unlimited domain hosting, unlimited GB hosting space, unlimited GB file transfer, unlimited email accounts, and all the features you would expect to be there.

Best Web Hosting 2017 – Web Hosting Review

Best Web Hosting 2017 Hear Why
Which is the best web host out there in 2017
Link to siteground –

If you’re looking for a web host right now I would just go with siteground

Speed is the key to high page ranking

also because they’re going to be reliable for you.

Great for your WordPress website

Web Host Website

Dont mess about with your web hosting go with the best

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website host
Link to siteground –

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review & Tutorial

Read a detailed review of GoDaddy here:
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GoDaddy Review & Tutorial – Web Hosting
GoDaddy has become one of the most popular web hosting platforms. They offer plans for both personal pages as well as sites for small and large businesses. Customers can choose from hundreds of professional templates with tools for customization. Read more about features and pricing in the GoDaddy review on

GoDaddy Pricing –
Economy – $1.00 per month
Deluxe – $5.99 per month
Ultimate – $9.99 per month

Review GoDaddy website builder features

Large Selection of Templates –
The layout of your website represents the face of your page. Therefore, it is an extremely important aspect to any website that gives the first and lasting impression. A good layout should offer a professional design. Customers can review GoDaddy’s hundreds of pre-designed templates that users can customize using a variety of tools.

Excellent Support –
Customers who need assistance can get in touch GoDaddy staff around the clock via telephone, contact form, and live chat. They also boast a comprehensive online support center full of helpful information like FAQs and tutorials to assist.

Feature Rich –
Even the least expensive plan comes with a site builder, free domain, free email, and WordPress hosting, and security suite. Those who are willing to pay a bit extra can also benefit from unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and blog builder.

Bluehost Review 2017: Best Cheap Web Hosting | Bluehost Coupon $3.95/Month

This bluehost review will give you a quick look at the amazing features offered by one of the best and cheapest web hosting companies on the web. Bluehost Discount:

In this review of Bluehost I go over some of the key features that make Bluehost one of the best and cheapest hosting services offered.

Is Bluehost good?
Yes, this is one of the most affordable hosting companies that offers every professional feature you could think of.

Immediately upon signing up with their hosting services you get at least $150 in credit toward buying a premium theme as well as google adwords ppc credit.

Bluehost sticks out from it’s competition also due to the fact they host all of their servers in-house unlike many other cheap web hosting companies. Many other cheap hosting companies will outsource their data centers (often times outsourcing to Bluehost haha).

For this reason, Bluehost servers are extremely fast. You won’t have to worry about your website going down due to high traffic.

They offer high security for your site as well with the option of connecting to cloudflare and getting an SSL certificate for your website.

Their shared hosting plan is very affordable at $3.95/mo when you buy 3 years upfront and with this you can do 25 add-on domains along with 50GB of storage space per site.

This video is a bluehost customer review, meaning that I walk-the-walk and actually use their services myself.

Lastly, I’d like to ad that the customer service and helpful videos are probably my favorite aspect about this hosting service. I’ve never had a problem getting in fast contact with a knowledgeable Bluehost worker who has worked me through literally every problem I have run into.

If you are looking for a bluehost coupon discount than click the link at the top of this description and it will bring you to one of the best hosting offers you will find on the web in 2017!

Website Hosting Review – Which company has the best website hosting Website Hosting Review – The Best Website Hosting. Find out which company has the Best Website Hosting plan today. In this review I took a look at two very popular website hosting companies.

Both Companies are A rated but one of them is better suited to fulfill your website hosting needs.
The link for the first website hosting company is above and the link for the second company in my review is here:

Because of time restraints I don’t go over every single detail on why one website hosting company is better than the other hosting company….I only wanted to give you my number one reason for choosing one over the other with regards to website hosting.

I personally use 10 different website hosting / domain name companies. For one they provide more than just website hosting they provide custom emails, personal emails, business emails. They also provide Custom website names for your business or for whatever you are promoting – also known as domain names.

For example one of my custom website names or domain name is my custom email address is These companies also provide SSLs, online storage space and more.

If you are a serious online marketer you need to watch this video. It “might” just save you some time and frustration. Before I learned that not all website hosting accounts were created equal. I wasted money and time, (well I was able to get a refund) but I still wasted money by wasting my time.

At the end of the day, the Best Website Hosting company will depend on each individuals experience (I get that) but as I said before not all hosting companies are created equal. So in this video you will learn the major reason why I give one hosting company a better website hosting review than the other.

If you are currently using one of these website hosting companies, please leave your comments below as to why you think one company has the best website hosting or better solutions than the other, so that other online marketers can save time and money.

This is a list of more Hosting Companies for you to look at; not in any particular order!

Host Monster::: $6.95 Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Domains on 1 account- Unlimited Space- 5,000 email accounts

1 & 1 Web Hosting ::: — trusted by over 9 Million Websites

Blue Host ::: offers A Free Domain with $6.95 Hosting Package

Web Hosting Pad ::: — $4.95 — Free Set Up-Unlimited Database-17,000 GB Transfer- 1,700 GB Disk Space/ Host Unlimited Domains.

Interserver Hosting ::: Virtual Hosting @$6.95 — VPS @$8.95 — Dedicated Servers @$39

OMNIS Hosting ::: Unlimited Email Accounts: Unlimited Transfer: Unlimited Disk Space: Unlimited Domain Hosting:

Just Host ::: $4.95 Unlimited Storage- Unlimited Transfer

My Hosting ::: $4.95 — Free Domain — Free eCommerce add-on — Free site builder & more:

Also in the video you’ll have the chance to receive up to a 5 month Cash Back Rebate, so check it out now and don’t forget to add your comments on which company you think offers the best website hosting solutions!

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reviews – SCAMS EXPOSED

Visit for more information.

Are “HOST REVIEW” sites honest? Are they unbiased, impartial, and factual… or are they just after your money? How does a hosting company get on the “top 10” list?

Amazingly most hosting reviews websites have one thing in common: They are getting paid by hosting companies for reviews (either directly in the form of advertising or indirectly via affiliate commissions) — making their reviews extremely biased, one-sided, and highly questionable in terms of accuracy. They all promote the same group of companies.

The reason that the same hosting companies always make it to the “top” of the hosting comparison charts is because those companies, one way or another, pay to be listed there. These hosts include Host Monster, Blue Host, Lunar Pages, IX Webhosting, InMotionHosting, StartLogic, Host Pappa, Pow Web, etc.

It’s a well-known fact web hosting companies running their affiliate programs through Commission Junction offer among the highest affiliate commissions in the hosting industry. Thus “clever” PPC (pay per click) affiliate marketers decided: why not create websites with “top web hosting companies” lists and list these companies as “top”?

Hosting company reviews seldom base their “rating” on their quality of service (although many claim to). Instead, most of them rate a webhost on the *size* of the affiliate commission. Those web hosts offering the highest commissions usually get the top spots — because those hosting companies pay the most money.

So the next time you’re looking for the best web hosting company (and you undoubtedly come across a “reviews” site), STOP AND THINK: What’s their true objective? Are they providing you with impartial, unprejudiced facts? Or are they simply selling you a bill of goods, deceptively packaged in a “Top-10” list bought and paid for in the Twilight Zone? Visit HOSTING-REVIEWS-EXPOSED.COM for more information.

Bluehost Review – Why They’re The Best Web Hosting Platform For Beginners!

Bluehost Review –
In today’s video, I go over exactly why the platform is so user friendly for beginners!

Go to the link above to get an exclusive discount for $3.49/mo for bluehost webhosting!

Table of Contents:
0:15 – Bluehost homepage
1:00 – Features for purchasing
1:40 – Plans and pricing
2:10 – About Bluehost
2:30 – WordPress endorsement
2:43 – GtMetrix speed test
3:23 – Bluehost cpanel
5:59 – Finished

About Bluehost

“Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. Built on open source technology, we’ve since grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. Operating beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, over 700 of us are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.”

Fun fact: Bluehost has been endorsed by WordPress as a webhosting platform since 2005.

For the last decade, the company has powered over two million websites worldwide, and powering up to one million WordPress sites.

What also impressed me about the company, was that they have 24/7 customer support. I migrated my websites from site5 to bluehost, and ever since doing so, it was seamless and easy.

The platform also offers a one-click install for WordPress, so once you’re inside the control panel, you can setup your database and start up your own website within minutes! You can even watch how you can set your blog in less than 5!

I’ve personally used other web hosting companies in the past, and ever since transitioning to Bluehost, I’ve never looked back since. The company has wonderfully won my business, so much that I decided to become an independent affiliate!

Disclosure: I am a customer and chose to be an independent affiliate of bluehost. At no cost to you, I do receive compensation for any sales referred by me to the company. Any opinions expressed throughout this video are of my own.