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GoDaddy is primarily known as a domain registrar, but new additions to its services mean increased functionality. As a result, you can now create entire websites using the GoDaddy platform, including ecommerce sites. Ryan Bowman from WebEminence is here to offer a helpful GoDaddy review, so you know just what to expect when you’re creating a GoDaddy online store.

When you use GoDaddy to design your ecommerce site, you will soon see that the scaled down store is a breath of fresh air in the ecommerce space. The GoDaddy set up is not as complex or confusing as most online stores, and a guide helps you build your ecommerce site step by step.
As soon as you log in, you can use the guide to set up your shipping, payment methods, taxes, and other important store details.

As Ryan explains, you will spend most of your time adding products to your online store. Once you’ve uploaded at least one image of a product, you can also add the price, SKU, and category details in just seconds. Don’t forget to add product descriptions, so your customers know exactly what to expect from their new purchase.

With your products uploaded, it’s time to create the rest of your GoDaddy ecommerce site. There are a variety of preset design template options, so you can always find one that matches your brand identity. Customize your store with colors and fonts, and it’s time to set the website live. After your site is up, Ryan suggests testing the purchase process to make sure it will be easy for your customers. Add a product to your GoDaddy shopping cart and go to the payment screen, ensuring along the way that everything loads properly and the process is simple to follow.

GoDaddy is perhaps the best option for store owners in the market for a simple online store. While the ecommerce site builder is not necessarily robust, it will work for people who don’t need advanced features and want their small store to get online fast.


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Bluehost vs Godaddy vs Siteground vs Hostgator 2016 Review Bluehost vs Godaddy vs Siteground vs Hostgator 2016 Review. We will look at some of the best and most well known domain host in the business.
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You won’t have to worry about someone else slowing down the server and screwing up your website speed. Bluehost really knows what  they’re doing.

This is why so many fans of the company are so loyal. Every review we have seen gives them the best of praise. We love them as well. Not once did it go down in over 1600 Hundred hours. Bluehost overall was 99.9% uptime on average and is our favorite of all we tested.  

In 2016 BlueHost is one of the most used in the domain business. They literally provide service to millions of more than satisfied company daily. Bluehost has grown up to more than some average hosting provider. The site had a  major make over 3 years ago and they now the site is  even cleaner and has gives a better refreshed user experience.  

We we’re blown away by the speed and consistent uptime. We put a screenshot on our website. Over a thirty day period there was Bluehost uptime was One Hundred Percent. 

Another thing most hosting review sites failed to point out is that One One other thing to note is that BlueHost has an extensive knowledge base to help guide you if needed. They also have great Phone and Email Support as well. 

HostGator has monthly plans as well as yearly plans. Their  basic hosting plans are many good qualities. The Hatchling plan offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. HostGator also gives all customers a Forty-Five day money back Guarantee policy. Of all the domain host we have reviewed HostGator has the most mixed reviews.

Some people love them and the rest say stay far away. We put them on the list because they are so well known, and as of recently was very well respected.

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is godaddy web hosting good – godadday webhosting review

is godaddy web hosting good – godadday webhosting review
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GoDaddy is only good for their domain name registration. Their web hosting plans are not good. No experienced webmasters will tell you GoDaddy’s web hosting is good.

I strongly recommend Bluehost instead. Bluehost is well known as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, garnering over a quarter of a million customers in over 200 countries. Their hosting plan has tonnes of great features. For example, Free Site Builder and Site Studio (4,500 Free Website Templates), Fantastico Deluxe Script Installer, $100 Google AdWords Credit, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, and etc.

Best WordPress HOSTING 2017 – Top 3 Providers Compared By The Numbers

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0:24 👉 How to find the best hosting for WordPress
1:03 👉 Our testing strategy
1:21 👉 WordPress Performance
2:18 👉 Here are the candidates

SiteGround ►
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WPEngine ►


We took the time to test out the top web hosting providers for WordPress.
This experiment should help you provide a framework to distinguish between high-profile providers, and use their overall offerings as a sensible reference point if you are comparing with other hosting services in the market.
From performance to price, you’ll see real numbers when you compare the hosting services for your website.


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