How to Set Up Website With GoDaddy – 2015!

This video will show you how to set up your website if you have a godaddy domain.

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There are only 6 steps involved.

Step 1: Get a domain
Step 2: Get hosting
Step 3: Go to your email inbox
Step 4: Log into your cpanel
Step 5: Install WordPress
Step 6: Install a theme

And that’s it!

Here is the second part of the tutorial I promised you!

If you have any questions – ask!

Introduction to cPanel Web Hosting Tutorial 2016

Check out a full overview of the cPanel and all the awesome features it can do with this tutorial and the rest of our playlist on all things cPanel.

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Hello and welcome to this video on becoming familiar and navigating around in cPanel. In this video, we will go through all the cPanel’s features, and tools, and different areas that you can explore. Hopefully this will give you a detailed overview of what exactly cPanel is and what it can do to enhance your website and web experience.

Once you’ve logged into cPanel you should see a screen like this. If you’re having trouble logging into cPanel or don’t know your login details, then please check out the “logging into cPanel” video. Along the top here we have a search tool which enables you to search cPanel for any of its features. We also have your login details, and notifications, and a log out button. If you also click the cPanel logo on the left-hand side here, you will be taken back to this page where ever you are. Underneath is the home button as well. This does the same thing as clicking the cPanel logo. It brings you straight back to the window we are currently looking at. Underneath this home button, we have three more buttons. The first one is statistics, the second one is dashboard, and the third is user manager.

We will start by clicking on statistics. By clicking on statistics, you are taken through to a page that gives you all of the statistics about your website. This is very handy for getting all of the more prominent and useful information about your website quickly and all in one spot. The statistics area gives you useful information like your bandwidth, email accounts, the mailing lists you may have set up, your disk usage, if you have any addon or subdomains, aliases, my SQL databases. Now some of this you may never need. Some of it you may need, but it’s all here for you to reference in a quick easy spot. If you would like any more information on this, then just click the title and it will take you through to that user interface. Let’s click disk usage and go through to the disk usage interface. This gives us a whole load of extremely useful information that you may need, or coders, or contractors that may work for you may need or require. That’s the statistics area.

Now let’s move through to the dashboard area. Your dashboard provides you with a bunch of quick links. These are the most visited resources you use on your cPanel. If you’re new to cPanel, this may not be a very populated area. As we continue, and as you go on to further expand and enhance your website, these will become more populated. Underneath is a selection of the most important quick links. Again if you click any of these titles, it will take you through to the actual resources interface where you can get more details.

Finally, on this side bar we have the user manager. The user interface lists all the users that have access to your cPanel. Underneath each user you have the ability to edit the user, change the user’s password, or delete the user completely. On the right hand side, it shows what the user has access to on your cPanel. The envelope stands for mail. The little truck stands for FTP which is file transfer protocol. The little disk space, or little hard drive stands for disk space. If you would like to add a new user, then you click the add user button in the top right-hand corner.

Now let’s go back to the home page on cPanel. Under the my account tab, there are few more additional features that you should be acquainted with. The first one is password and security. Where you’ll be able to further enhance your security and change your password. Contact information shows your contact information and you’re also able to edit it. You’re also able to reset page settings. The bar underneath says “Find functions quickly” and that’s exactly what it does. If I’m typing a function here, say, subdomains. Before I finish typing it, it’s already brought up the subdomains. By clicking on this takes me straight through to the subdomains interface.

Once you’re finished using cPanel always remember to log out. This is extremely important for security reasons. That is it. That is the basic overview of cPanel. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you found it informative and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Thank you for watching.

Cpanel Tutorial – Cpanel help for beginners – Cpanel Tutorial – Cpanel help for people want to learn everything about cpanel and the numerous features.

This Cpanel tutorial will help you find out more about the cpanel and the functions on it for your web hosting. This Cpanel tural will give you all the cpanel help you need and will be great if you want to learn about cpanel and you need cpanel help when you’re just starting out.

This cpanel tutorial goes more in depth about the features on cpanel and this is the cpanel help video you’re looking for, check it out so you learn how to make the most of your webhosting package and give your website an immediate boost.

Starting a new website isn’t easy for it to get found so you can learn in this cpanel tutorial how to do search engine optimization, build email addresses for your website and actually setting up your website.

I hope you’ll learn something from this cpanel tutorial and check out for more tutorials about wordpress and starting out in internet marketing.

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