NameHero vs. SiteGround – Who Offers The Best WordPress Web Hosting Package?

In this video tutorial I compare NameHero’s high-speed cloud web hosting packages to SiteGround. I compare the features and prices of each package and then go into actual performance and uptime of each company. If you’ve been on the fence about either company this video should help you make your decision. You can read the full NameHero vs. SiteGround Web hosting comparison here:


  1. Have you ever work for a company where you never see the CEO and it seems like the CEO don't even have time to come into the floor and talk to the slave of staff that truly does the dirty work building the company. We all can relate, right. You on the other hand gave your time to engage and explain Namehero to the public therefore you got my business. I was looking for a host, Namehero will be the one. Thanks for the explanation.

  2. NameHero and Siteground are the only 2 web hosters that don't hide the visitors per month capacity…all other hosting companies are shady as fuck when it comes to this….

  3. It says Free SSL. Is that included with every website you have hosted or limited to only 1 website? Didn't catch that from the video. Thanks

  4. if, i am running three website in plus cloud package and getting all around 30-40k traffic, will this work with plus cloud? how exactly will this perform over slight more load and why you have restricted visitor to just 25k?

  5. siteground wont let me forward my nameservers on my domains to my name hero account without paying them 100$ 🙁 …….. bwaaaaa

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