iPage Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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You’ll rarely hear about efficient web hosting solutions and not hear iPage mentioned amongst the most notable companies. It’s dedication to continuously building its brand in conjunction with low pricing makes it one of our top web hosts at Consumer-Rankings. That being said, there’s no guarantee that the service is the best fit for you and your tailored needs. This is why Consumer-Rankings wants to give you The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of iPage to help you on your hunt for the web host that will render you the best results for your online goals.


  1. They shut down my site for month because of virus they said. They scan my sites and it never came back up. Very, Very poor service and a bush of thief. Also, they partner with Sitelock to over charge people for security scan.

  2. I had these people for the last 3 years, I am not happy.and now they charged me $290.79 without my authorization, and I have been waiting to get my money back since Nov 11th,2017

  3. DO NOT USE IPAGE!!!. They stole my money and refuse to refund me. customer service terrible. Nothing against this youtube channel. All aggression aimed at Ipage.

  4. ipage affiliate program is one of the best scams in the world. They never pay affiliate commission, they never respond to queries. promoting ipage is sheer waste of money, instead of making money you will lose money. becareful

  5. No contraten con IPage, te renueva antes de la fecha, y después no te devuelve el dinero, en mi caso han sido 215$, que me cobraron 17 días antes de que terminara el año de contrato, cuando dicen que te van a cobrar 15 dias antes, y después no contestan a tus email, ni te devuelven el dinero. Es una estafa

  6. seems like this review does not go into REAL issues. it almost sounds "automated".. maybe by iPage themselves.

  7. iPage service team could easily bring down your all site due to their mistake. And they will tell you due to "high level Enginerr" are not working and leave all your site down for few days.
    Go ahead if you wish to bring down your business.

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