iPage Review – Is It Worth It To Use Their Service?

In this ipage review, we go over some of the key features of the company’s services, we go over their hosting plans, speed tests, and performance benchmarks as well

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Web hosting is a very complicated subject and a highly-technical industry. At iPage, we pride ourselves on eliminating the complications and simply providing you with a great experience. As for all that technical stuff, don’t worry about it; we’ve got it handled for you.

We’ve been hosting business, personal, social, and non-profit websites for well over 10 years now. We’ve got the tools, process, and expertise to help you take your idea online today. Let us show you a better way to navigate the web, the iPage way.

iPage is special because of its people; the employees and the customers. Every decision is driven by not just an honest respect, but also the overall desire to ensure that the best possible experience is delivered at every turn, to employee and customer alike.

It’s the human element that makes iPage shine so bright in such a technology-driven industry.

If you’re a small business owner, your website is often your first means of connecting with potential customers. It can really be the first impression people have of your company. This means it’s really important that the content they find there is clear… In this ipage review we try to give an unbiased opinion about the company.


  1. They shut down my site for month because of virus they said. They scan my sites and it never came back up. Very, Very poor service and a bush of thief. Also, they partner with Sitelock to over charge people for security scan.

  2. Not to take away from the video but after watching it I decided to purchase an ipage account. For the first month or so during the the 30 day money back guarantee period everything was fine. After the 30 days is when ipage went to hell and after doing some research it seems this is common practice for this company. One day while working on my site it mysteriously disappeared A month of work, gone. I contacted ipage and they told me I had exceeded the 75000 an hour database query and said that it must be a plugin that's causing the problem. Just to let you know, depending on what plugins you have installed and even just woo commerce can cause a couple hundred database queries with just one mouse click. After removing all plugins except for woo commerce my site vanished again. This time they give the excuse that the database needs to be optimized. After optimizing the database and working again for 30 min the database itself started not to work and returned an error message when trying to optimize it. I contacted ipage again and this time they couldn't or wouldn't give me a reason why but did tell me if I purchased an upgrade that it would fix my problem. Of course I declined and they still have not responded to the support ticket from 3 days ago. The nightmare goes on and there is A lot more but I think you guys get the point. I told them I would start a vlog to let people know what they are doing and there response was "we host thousands of accounts" letting me know they don't care about mine. Now I feel cheated out of 60 bucks because they also will not let you use a 3rd party ssl certificate you must purchase it from them. This is a real case of buyer beware!

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