Install WordPress using cPanel for Beginners – In this beginners tutorial, I show you the basics of using a webhosting server account with cPanel. I demonstrate how to manually upload WordPress to the webhost using file manager, how to create a MySQL database and database user account, and how to install WordPress. The tutorial also covers the basics of using cPanel.



  1. Is it possible to install wordpress on a site without it changing anything? I don't want to start from the default.

  2. Thanks alot.. You helped me alot.. I watched many videos but didnt understand anything. Thanks again

  3. Hey, guys, I ran into an issue when trying to pull up my wp site using the /site1 and found it wasnt working becuase in the file section I had a space between "site 1" instead of "site1"

  4. hi Dan, thank you so much. After I have installed and completed the WordPress new site, how do I move the WordPress site to the official URL?

  5. If you need a new host and you have an extensive page in WordPress then pay attention to GetLark. They will take you free of charge. You will also be able to test it for free for 14 days. By clicking on this link you will also receive the month free of charge. In the package you have free SSL, automatic WordPress updates.

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