How to Use A Custom Domain In Blogger From GoDaddy

I registered a new domain www. on GoDaddy. I also have a blog I wanted to link my custom level domain to my Blogger account. In this, video I have shown how I have made changes in CNAME record and A record on my GoDaddy web hosting account. Additionally, I have made a few changes on my Blogger account as well.


  1. You are a star!!!!!! I had gone through several videos and kept getting confused and thought the whole process to be complicated. However you explained it so effortlessly and I now have my own custom domain thanks to you :)))))

  2. meiney 5 din pahley he domain set up kiya avi mera website sahi sahi open ho raha hey par jab Google mey search kar raha hu to baha pey this website a parked free by godaddy is type ka massage AA raha hey meiney Google search console mey apna website ka sitemap vi add kiya hu aur mera sitemap index vi ho giya hey phirvi aaisa kiu ho raha hey isko kaisey fix karu taki jab mey Google mey aapna site check karu to usmey sahi sahi title and description show ho PAYE mera website ka pls help kijiye

  3. After searching for one hour, I found this video…It was really helpful. Thanks a lot..:) I will promote this video with my blogs,..Thanks again..!

  4. Hey great video as always :] i hope you keep staying active and uploading these videos theyre fun to watch haha. I dont remember if youve commented before but I have a channel called "jack thomas" im the blonde guy that sings lol (this is just a side account). If you havent and ever have a minute to search my main channel and subscribe if you liked it thatd mean so much to me. Ill turn on notifications so keep up the good work 🙂

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