How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

Learn how to make a website with GoDaddy! In this video I show you how to register a domain name then create a business website on it using the same software as Tim Ferris, Zoella, and Katy Perry. This is the updated version of our 2017 GoDaddy website tutorial that helped over 1000 people get started and you can too.

Build a website for your friend or fam as a gift. Enjoy!



(Here’s everything you can learn here — Jump around!)

Introduction 00:00:00
Website Tour 00:00:45

Step 1: Register Domain
Begin 11:36
Domain Strategies 12:36
Costs 16:20
Complete Order 19:17

Why It’s Important to Keep Domain & Hosting Separate 22:49
What Your Site Looks Like with Only a Domain 26:37

Step 2: Get Hosting
Begin 27:37
Easy Hosting Order Form 30:24
Costs 31:08
Get a Discount 32:21
Complete Order 35:14

Connect Domain & Hosting 35:56 (Every new website must do this)

Step 3: Install WordPress
Begin (in your email) 39:06
Login to Customer Portal 39:15
Visit QuickInstall 40:08
Costs (JK it’s free)
Installation 41:03
Break Time 43:39

Web Design DIY (Without the Expensive Web Developer!)

Login to WordPress 44:05
Dashboard Tour 45:49
Learn Plugins 49:20
Install Free Website Theme 51:43
Add Demo Content 53:48
Cleanup Sidebar 56:03
Create Homepage and Blog 57:18
Create Blog Posts 1:00:04
Create Pages 1:14:48
Setup Slider 1:20:11
Add Menu 1:21:38
Setup Featured Content 1:24:38
Social Media Buttons 1:30:53
Facebook Like Box 1:34:00
Make a Logo 1:37:21
Write Beginner CSS 1:43:32
Get Icons 1:45:16
Remove Header Image 1:55:08
Add Map 1:58:01
Create Contact Form 1:59:00
Testimonials 2:02:46
Footer 2:13:01
Edit Footer Copyright 2:19:22
Make Website Faster 2:26:20
Setup Google Analytics 2:30:51
Congratulations! Freedom!!! 2:35:30

Why many users like to keep their domains and hosting separate:

There you have it folks! After you create a GoDaddy wordpress website feel free to browse the channel for more wordpress website tutorials to help you build a website, create a blog, monetize with ads, make money with online marketing, write guest posts, rank in Google, fix common issues, learn code, edit your homepage (we have a lot of videos) and generally really learn how to use WordPress to your advantage.

Cheers and Happy New Years Everyone!! Best option is stay in and make a business website with me lol but seriously I’ll be right here in this chair if Leroy doesn’t steal it.



  1. How can I change the photos that are in the Home Page, the lady with the phone and the writing machine?? Thank you! Great video!!!

  2. Great video on this process! One thing when I use a different browser it gives me the message that Godaddy doesn't park my site there. This happens when I use a different mobile/pc/tablet browser. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

  3. Great video. But I could not find a link to the article on why to keep domain and hosting separate? Do you have it? Thanks.

  4. Actually I had one more question! (Sorry) so the slider, I was hoping to make it not as tall, so when you go on the website, you can see some of the featured content part. A couple of people have told me that they might not know to scroll down from the slider, and only know to navigate through the menus. Is this possible? Just to change the dimensions of the actual slider all together? Thanks again man!

  5. Can you use an active web address when moving to HostGator? Example take an online site and leave it active until the new WordPress site is ready to go live.

  6. Love ya. I do have a question though. Is there a way to get an image across the whole width of the page on each different page? So on my slider I have weddings/promotional/short films (as I am a videographer) however the images ive used for each page, that show up on my slider, are only small images, the size of the blog container. Id like them across the whole width, almost like the slider. Is this possible? Thanks man, happy new year

  7. Greg – Your videos have been super helpful to me. You might cover this, but I haven't happened upon it yet – Can I just completely start over because nothing looks right any more? Even new themes are super screwed up. I would like to return to square one. How hard would that be?

  8. Hi Greg, Thanks for creating this tutorial ! You are an awesome teacher. I have an issue with my website. I purchased the single domain linux hosting (india) plan from hostgator and their email said the website will be live within 72 hours. I followed all the steps of DNS configuration as told by you. Still after 72 hours, when i try to open the site, the message says 'This website is under construction. Come back soon !' What should i do? Pls help.

  9. Hi Greg N, Really liked all your videos, really appreciate it. I must say you are having very good knowledge in this field.. Pl make video on.
    "BOOTSTRAP TO WORDPRESS" step-by-step with no steps skipped.

    There is no video on YouTube for this. Pl that would me really soo helpful. Please. God Bless you…

  10. Hello Greg, and thank you for all your help with setting things up…My web page is a Costuming and Make up web page so can you tell me how I would add all my photos and You tube links to a page, and what I need to do to have everything show up in a google search if someone is looking for a specific costume I would make…. thanks again for all your help again…

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