How To Deploy a ASP.NET Website to IIS or Azure

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Deploying a website used to be tricky. Now with all of the built in help, deploying your ASP.NET website to a local web server or the cloud can be done in minutes. Today, I am going to show you the options you have for deploying a full .NET website. We will cover deploying to a local or remote IIS server as well as Window Azure. Since .NET Core is a bit different, I will be covering the deployment options for it in a separate video. Not to worry though, the techniques in this video will also work for .NET Core. There are just more options available to it than their are to the full .NET Framework.


  1. Hi Tim, I Am studying at uni, I got great marks for creating a webpage that had server side SQL. The Webform did queries and updates, then we zipped the SLN and sent the project in for marks, we never published !! This tute helped me understand the webserver IIS, do u have a vid for the SQL server part? Thanks Tim

  2. Hii I want to ask u how do u found a public web app full because in my vs there is just public not a public web app and inside it, I can't found a profile or nothing ready to just continue with u ok the first

    step from the begin do u understand my question answer me if u can thank u so much

  3. Great tutorial, I can get it to work IF i'm not using windows authentication however I want to be able to use windows authentication. I've been into the Windows features and made sure under the security section that windows authentication is ticked and it installed it on my web server, however I'm getting the same error message "Access is denied". Any ideas where to check? Tried google but no luck

  4. Hie, nice tutorial. I need some help from you. I have implemented an ASP.NET Core 2.1 application. My problem is my application doesn't work when deployed. It doesn't connect to the database, it doesn't process my requests(always redirects me to the login page). The thing is my application works well in development mode but doesn't work when deployed. I have followed the Microsoft documentation from the root but I can't get it work. So your help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Please do a video on how you can release build Asp Net Core MVC to FTP server and subdomains on a FTP server🙏🏻

  6. How can I access the website from other machine over the local network or internet?What URL should I use? I doubt http:/localhost:8080 will work. Sorry, still new in web development.

  7. Great loved it… But, what if you need to publish in a company for a small web site for user work.. whats the easiest way for that? i am not talking cloud, just say in a bank, on a server in the banks network… How would you advise doing that?

  8. Around 10:30 you say that we can put a hole in our firewall and have our machine serve the website on our network. Can you explain how to do that? Or perhaps point me in the right direction of another tutorial that can teach me this? I tried hosting my backend webapp with REST apis, that worked on localhost are giving me a 500 error, so I'm trying to do the IIS way

  9. so i'm using VS 2017, and it doesn't look like this. It asks for a User name and password, and I can't get it to take my azure portal auth. I also can't the portal to create a user without a domain, but there's no place to enter a domain name. Do you cover authentication issues anywhere?

  10. I might be a little confused.Trying to deploy the website we built using the employee processor. Will this process not work with SQL?

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