How to Create A Free Website – Free Domain + Hosting – With Best Website Builder – WordPress

How to Create A Free Website – Free Domain + Hosting – With Best Website Builder – WordPress:

In this video, I will show you best way to make your own website with free domain and hosting with best website builder WordPress. By this video those who want to create a small business or initially starters they just experiment on the website these get lot of information on this video.

In this video, you can learn free website builder WordPress uses. After watching this video you can create a business website.

1. The best free domain provider freenom website. In this website, you can get free domain names for your business. Totally free for 12 months and no hidden charges.

2. The best free website hosting service is This website provides best free web hosting for free and paid also. This website hosting provides totally free, no hidden charges and they do not provide ads on your website. So this is the best web hosting service.

3. The Final step is website builder. Free and best website builder is WordPress. This is also free no hidden charges. world most top website builder.

Follow these steps and build your own website with the professional website builder.

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  1. I have been using GetLark hosting company for some months. I am very satisfied with the speed of loading pages, the quality of technical support. In addition, I earn money with them, for the order of another customer. I recommend 100%.

  2. hiya guys, If you are wanting free/very cheap web hosting give me a shout and I can set up cpanel for you. We are just starting out so plan is only £1.00 a month and will stay that way or you can get the free verison too mostly unlimited everything. Give me a inbox if you want more info

  3. Hi , iam not able to create an account , it shows my domain not yet pointing to the correct nameservers , will it take 24 hours or did i made any mistake ? please reply

  4. hello, I have the same problem that faces you in the minute 7:13
    (in the infinity free site dosen't create the account )

    can you please help !

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