1. So we don't have to pay for a domain name with GoDaddy we just have to pay for their web servers. I was a little disappointed when I purchased my domain through Google I thought it'd be as simple as it was with GoDaddy. You buy it created web page in your going.

  2. Would this work if i have one existing domain at google and one at godaddy? Im trying to have the google domain show up on the godaddy if searched for. As one site.

  3. This was great and helped me when nothing else did… However… Since GoDaddy has redesigned a lot of the experience/process, perhaps you could redo this video with updated process that GoDaddy has? Thanks!

  4. If I already have an email on my google domain and I follow this step to make a website with my google domain and godaddy host. Does my email keep the same? Do I keep all the email? I have to keep my email address and all emails already sent and recieved.

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