Hostinger Review – The Perfect Ratio Between Performance, Features and Price? [2019]

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This Hostinger review should save you some trouble researching and comparing various hosting providers. Hostinger claims they’re offering the best and cheapest web hosting available. But the words “cheap” and “good” don’t often get used together. This Hostinger review will let you know if Hostinger is the right choice for you.


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“You get what you pay for”, right? Cheap products are usually seen as lower quality or simply terrible.

Well, it appears that’s not the case in 2019, at least not for every product or service. Hostinger is putting in a lot of effort to change the way we think about products that are cheap, yet effective. They’re promoting themselves as a super cheap hosting provider that still delivers “lightning fast” performance results and top notch security for your website.

Through over 15 years of its existence, Hostinger has transformed into a company that’s offering everything you would expect by 2019 standards: premium shared, cloud, and VPS hosting services.

Now it has 8 data centers and several hundred employees worldwide, yet the pricing for shared hosting still remains at the bare minimum, starting at $0.80/month. This goes even lower during sales and with the use of various Hostinger coupon codes.

Notable features include a custom control panel named hPanel. You can’t get this with any other web hosting provider and 24/7 almost instant support.

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  2. Well, I never try Hostinger yet. but will soon!. because it's look good at price. no hidden price like re-new price like hostgator
    I have bad experience with Hostgator. Slow. Too many ADS on Cpanel. and my website got banned when my site got DDOS is that my fault?

  3. Oh Thank you very much for this great review which is the best out there so far. Well done! …and keep on 😉
    You killed me with the SSL cert. cons… :)) thanks!

  4. Very informative video. You have explained each feature very well. I highly recommend to utilize it. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. If you want an honest review from a previous Hostinger customer, here is mine.

    I bought their top plan two days ago and have nothing, but regrets. I bought the Business Plan with SSL, domain, two years of service, Privacy Protection, Domain Lock, HPanel, Unlimited Bandwith, Unlimited Databases, 30 GB Storage, etc. Lots of bells and whistles, thinking I was going to save $100.00 instead of going to GoDaddy, even though I've been using GoDaddy since 2013 for two other sites I built.

    Where to start? Since moment one, nothing, but issues and problems. First of all, SSL certificate takes extra steps to set up, and there are hours long delays to see any changes made to your site, even if it's as simple as changing the background color, and rest assured, if something goes wrong at all, you're left to roll up your sleeves and do 95% of the hard work yourself! SSL took one full day to sort out and get working.

    Day number two; more problems and issues, this time with one of their website builders called Osclass. It's an e-commerce type of site kinda like WordPress, but a more generic version, and it simply did not work at all! I mean none of the Admin dashboard features responded and none of the code corrections took hold. And to top it all off, the button Hostinger had on their own dashboard that is used to delete the site, vanished into thin air, leaving me no choice, but to go into my files and manually delete each one, one by one by one! Are you kidding me? 6 hours wasted!

    Then there is the Hostinger Dashboard and HPanel controls themselves, you want to see what slow is? Just try to access your HPanel and wait for it, wait and wait and wait and wait and as you are waiting simply recall that dial up was faster than this! Good grief, it's unreal.

    Then there is the Customer Service. What customer service? No phone number, just some glitchy text replies that literally take five minutes a piece to get each response to each question you have. Remember that scene in Martian when he finds that old rover and communicates via pictures to NASA and has to wait for a reply? Yeah well, you're going to understand his frustrations when you are in the middle of too many issues and trying to get help, and only to find out that once again you're on your own! They will give you links to videos to watch and tell you to contact Osclass customer service to open a ticket, keep in mind that it's a product that they are offering to get your services in the first place that's broken! Are you kidding me? Unreal. That's kinda like going down to a Toyota dealership and buying their brand new most expensive model that they advertised as the most awesome deal ever, only to have it break down two days later and then they tell you to contact the manufacturing plant yourself to get the issues resolved! Seriously nuts.

    So, to get your refund will take 2 full weeks and some of the services you bought are NOT refundable so you are going to lose money in the end when all you had to do is spend $100.00 more in the first place to get the best services around from GoDaddy. So I went back to GoDaddy, and got a 25% discount and in the end only paid $60.00 more, but got all the bells and whistles and none of the worries or problems or hassles.

    The other thing is that Hostinger was pressuring me from the moment of sign up to leave them reviews, so I ended up leaving good reviews before I even had a chance to use their services! Something I normally never do, but this time did. Figures.

    Anyway, just so that you know, in case you don't, if you buy a domain, you cannot transfer it to another company for 60 days via ICANN rules and whatever you do, KEEP YOUR DOMAIN NAME. I'm keeping mine and waiting the 60 days in order to transfer so I'll still have to deal with Hostinger a bit longer, however, GoDaddy will give me their server numbers and I have a special panel to program them in so I can begin to use their services immediately. Had I cancelled my domain name, I would've had to wait 60 days to buy it again or be forced to get a new one. Same rules go for everyone no matter what!

    Do yourself a favor and go with a name you can trust and stay far FAR away from Hostinger unless you love headaches and problems. BUYER BEWARE!

  6. Great review. Their only problem is unless you purchase a plan, can't talk to their customer support for queries.

    Any idea if the FREE SSL is just for one single domain or multiple hosted sites? I'm talking about their BUSINESS WEB Hosting Plan!!!

  7. Thank you, this video was super informative! 😀 You got straight to the point, and was very well made!

    About refunds, I bought a standard hosting and a dot com domain name and they 100% refunded it about 14 days after the purchase.
    Their live support is indeed super responsive, I definitely recommend Hostinger!
    However, for the SSL, they are doing everything to make you pay, but I saw at some point that you can install it for free. I still have to figure that out, because… why not save up some money? 😛

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