Hosting raja review – Fraud hosting company india full complaints video scam Part – 1

No.1 hosting company fraud indian customers I have search domain name then go indian server check a website who say no 1 website , but this is fake web hosting india my experience

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No any company founder no / ceo website titels no 1 hosting provider


  1. or jagase le lena hosting per hosting raja se mat lena sabkuch fraud lagta hai. editing option bhi nahi hai. jab service acche nahi de pa rhe ho to kyu chala raho. band karo

  2. As my personal experience, I would like to recommend you only RedServerHost. They are providing the high quality of server with 24*7 hours technical support.

  3. my website was in WordPress and some plugins were not working because of their global PHP ini file. I kept on requesting their chat support and their ticket system but why will they care? I had to switch and money was wasted. However the current provider Red Server Host is better in this regard. At least they dont misguide.

  4. I think this channel is actually a fraud. Have u ever done online payment?
    It generally happens that the online payment get failed even after deduction of balance from account. But it tooks time to get refunded.

    Don't spread these lies on social media.

  5. Don't worry friend i personally trust you and I m shocked how is she talking even…..I just was on the way to finalise plan of almost 4 lakh.for my start up ….so ur efforts will not go waste … whosoever will watch …will never do business with them……and I thank you personally for uploading it and helping others …… customer representative should never demean any customer …..I have RCVD call and told them this is ur reality…I dare that representative to talk to me she need to respect others…..thanx sgain

  6. होस्टिंग राजा
    भारत का एक नंबर मादर च** कंपनी है साला कुत्ता ह** का मालिक है मैंने अपना वेबसाइट होस्टिंग राजा पर लोड किया लेकिन साला यह सर्वर दिन में 20 बार बंद होता है जब बंद होता है आधा घंटा के लिए होता है भाई लोग इस सरवर से हमेशा सामने लाना वरना रोने के सिवा कुछ नहीं मिलेगा

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