Hostgator Coupon Code 2015 Plus What To Avoid During Checkout

My Hostgator coupon code for 2015 is HowToVideo and HowToVideo25.

If you’re planning on purchasing a hosting plan from Hostgator, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the available coupon codes.

This video will show you how much you can save by applying the coupon codes below, keep in mind the video is using a Hostgator Baby Plan.

HowToVideo = $9.94 OFF
HowToVideo25 = 25% OFF the totla checkout cost.

If you plan on paying month to month for your hosting, then I would recommend using the coupon code “HowToVideo” as this will save you the most money, in fact you’ll only pay 1 cent if you go with a Baby plan and already own a domain name.

This video also goes over some of the upsells that Hostgator attempts to make you purchase. These are optional, but I personally wouldn’t purchase them unless the extra $40+ wasn’t a big deal.
You can always purchase these addons from within your Cpanel for the same price later on down the road.

Do you have any better coupon codes for Hostgator?
The only time you’ll find better than 25% OFF is on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day or on a special day for HostGator, like their birthday.


  1. They've changed their checkout now and automatically add services into your cart. Just be careful! I had to untick and change my billing period to really get my discount. If you're looking for a good deal on their web hosting do a Google for 9cHB8htOfGc

  2. 2015 Hostgator Coupon Codes
    I know most of you already have hosting and my intention isn't to push Hostgator in your face. Nothing wrong with Hostgator, I'm just doing a little video ranking test.

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