Google Domains Tutorial- How to Launch your Website, Business, or Lab

Name your website and launch your business or lab’s computer system with Google Domains! Google Domains is an easy cheap way to make professional websites. Using Jupyter io with Google Domains you we build a coding platform for your group in minutes. You can also use gsuite to give employees gmail and google docs.

*Tutorial Topics*

Introduction- 0:0
I introduce google domains and show how I use it to create professional domain names for my websites. It can also be used to give your employees google docs and excel with gsuite. For tech companies or labs you can then use io to create a computing system.

Set Web Domain- 1:32
I explained how to find a domain name. I then show how to attach your websites ip address to your domain name using DNS records. This involves setting up registers hosts and custom resource records.

Employees Gmail with GSuite- 5:42
You can use GSuite to give all of your employees a gmail account. This also gives everyone access to things like google docs, google calendar and google sheets (excel). This costs just $6 per each gmail account.

Set Jupyter io Computer System- 7:09
You can set your labs computer system so that every can code using Jupyter io. We set up Jupyter io on google cloud. Each person create a google cloud account and uses google compute engine to launch Jupiter io. In io you can program in any language (C++, Python, R, Java, Javascript). I explain the benefits using google versus creating a server for a computer system. Also, Google cloud is free for the first year!

io online- 13:13
io online makes it possible for everyone in your lab to stay connected and share their work. The io news rooms allows is a place were people can share their code and applications with everyone online. In seconds you can set you lab in io online so that you the work that other lab members are publishing. io online is built on top of a Github, the most popular platform for sharing open source code.

Conclusion- 15:59
I go over the costs of using google domains and Jupyter io on google cloud and show that it’s cheap for any individual, business, or lab. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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