Godaddy Website Builder V7 Review

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With the release of version 7, Godaddy’s website builder is finally acceptable, although probably still not the best value on the website builder market. Check out what it can do and what it can’t do in this video walkthrough.


  1. Can peopel please stop using the frase "from scratch" when they use premade stuff? From scratch means empty page.

  2. Thanks! Good review. I find using GoDaddys' Website Builder is so convenient because I have everything else through GoDaddy. GoDaddy has AMAZING customer service so if I ever want a question answered I'm able to get an immediate answer by an english speaking person. (I don't work for GoDaddy lol)

  3. I'm trying to assist someone that has a GoDaddy's account to upload a flyer for an upcoming event but I'm having trouble with it. Will you help me?

  4. I already have a website with website builder v6.2.5 (GoDaddy). Is there a way to keep the content when moving over to v7? If not, what is the easiest way to move the content over? Great video!

  5. +Bruce Higley No website builders are particularly good with SEO. Most of them give you the ability to enter basic SEO info for pages and posts like title, description, custom URL, etc. Some site builders like Wix have issues with URLs or some may not give you the ability to customize URLS which can be an issue for SEO. Website builders overall usually have messy source code that makes them not idea for SEO as well. People will debate this but the bottom line in my opinion is NO website builder is great for SEO, but you should find the ones that are OK. The ones I recommend on my site are all OK. Godaddy is much improved with version 7 and there could be many off-page factors that are contributing to your rankings or lack thereof.

  6. Which website builder is the best for SEO…I use the old version of Go Daddy for several sites and my sites are on page one of Google. The new version 7 I am not having any luck.So which other sites are good for SEO?

  7. Good and brief info.  One comment about Godaddy is I have found their tech support very helpful and they are available 24/7.

  8. Hi Ryan

    Just watched your video on Go Daddy's website builder V7 and have a few questions, from all the betterment of Go Daddy's website builder currently how would you say the other websitebuilders are better and which one would you say is best?

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