GoDaddy Website Builder V7 Review: Is it any better now?

Find our detailed GoDaddy Website Builder Version 7 review here:

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This video review shows you the pros and cons of Go Daddy’s site builder package. See what it’s like to use it and how easy or difficult it is to create your own business website.

0:45 Pricing
0:52 Dashboard
1:03 Designs
1:18 The website editor
1:26 Adding text to the website
1:52 Adding a contact form
2:16 Changing the navigation
2:53 Blog
3:05 SEO
3:26 Conclusion

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  1. Whilst GoDaddy openly boast their site builders functionality and simplicity with their `Anyone can do it` style ads and promotions, as an `anyone` with little site building experience I can honestly say that the current version is illogically complicated, lacking many basic essentials and essentially folks… It sucks!
    I`ve already paid for it but I`m still going elsewhere, lesson learned!..

  2. Not impressed with it at all. This version no longer has the anchor/hyper link option. Nor does it allow you to edit photos. Nor does it offer a multiple social feed.

  3. Thanks for this, It's incredibly helpful. Without the ability to actually try out the website builder without giving over your money has been a real pain for me to select the best web host until I found this

  4. Website builder creates 2 home pages, for example if you created one a few months back and then update again, it will still show the old one and not new one which is only visible when you click on home button.

    I am most concerned about the duplicate home page where the domain and the are the same page but 2 URLs.

    Does any one knows how to fix it or do a redirect of old page to new one?

  5. I'm a designer using v7. My issue is the lack or missing anchor option. It's a bummer to sell the ability of anchors from v6 to clients. Only to find out there isn't an anchor app on the v7. I wish they'd get on the ball.

  6. It really helps to have someone who has taken the time to test out other website building tools. What you have done helps me to make better use of my time, not to mention there are many things I simply just don't know, especially across platforms.
    Please keep it up. It really helps.
    Small home based family business

  7. +WebsiteToolTester 
    Im looking for a service where I can upload my own code, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. AND I would like to have the website builder option.

    I like how many templates WIX has, I can direct a client to that site and have them pick the template, I build it and hand it over to them. But I would also like to host my custom pages as well instead of just a linear, pre-built template.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Great review guys! I bought the cheapest version. Can you really not get a login page in any of the paid options? That is pretty crazy.

  9. Excellent. Thumbs up + Sub. 
    I just found out the most every hosting company save GoDaddy is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group) Hostmonster, Bluehost, HostGator, Ipage, FatCow, and on and on. Google it.

  10. Hello great video , really informative thumbs up but the problem is i already have a package in go daddy for domain , web host and web builder with email which i got for 18 dollars for first year but the website builder is not that good and after a year can i change my hosting and builder to two different sites?also do i have to pay go daddy for the domain or can i change that also ?
    any help will be appreciated! thanks in advance

  11. i cant change the tab icon with the website builder, i cant change the background for different pages all the background has to be the same. i already build my site, but i wanna use a different builder, is that possible? and can it be free?

  12. I got the godaddy site for a work project. I was told I could make my site login protected which was not true. They offered to give me my money back after I had my whole site done. Thumbs down. Supposedly the new feature is coming out soon I was told in April but now they say April, May, June. Not kool

  13. I appreciate your video.  I was trying to figure out what the GoDaddy builder was like and what it offered. I think it's not ready for prime time yet and will go with Wix which I'm actually familiar with already.

  14. Hey i was wondering, i am using it right now and i wanted to ask… Is there a way for me to put a FAVICON in my website with this Website Builder? Thanks in advance.

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