GoDaddy Web Hosting Review – TBWHS Fill free to check my full GoDaddy Review to see why I do not recommend you use them for web hosting. They are perfectly fine to buy domain names with, but a lot of webmasters and myself included do not recommend their web hosting.

GoDaddy is probably the biggest name in the industry in terms of domains and web hosting. You’ve probably at one time seen their commercials on the television. They offer you the following services:

Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Email Accounts
SEO Services
Website Builders
PPC Management

At a glance their prices are pretty cheap compared to other web hosting companies. A lot of webmasters have started with GoDaddy, but once they saw their service was lacking they migrated away from the company.

Did you know that GoDaddy actually has 750+ negative claims against them on the Better Business Bureau? They have supported censoring the internet (SOPA) which they finally change their stance once a number of big brands started boycotting their service. In the past their old CEO Bob Parsons killed elephants for his own personal gain, but tried to make it appear that he was helping the villagers in Zimbabwe. Not to mention GoDaddy has used sexist ads to achieve their success.

I do not recommend you do business with GoDaddy and a lot of other webmasters don’t either.


  1. I have obtained this service, and they are amazing! I also recommend lexorsoft for everyone who is in need of internet marketing services.

  2. Nice Review.  No serious WordPress Web Designer would build their client's site on Godaddy servers!  EVER!!!!

  3. Back when I used their service, I wanted to kick my monitor into the wall.  Their interface was a piece of crap that would send you around and around in circles.  It was like running through the maze in the friggin' Shining.

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